On-Demand Webinar


Understanding 529 Plans

Institutions are struggling to help students find new ways to pay for tuition and fees. At the same time, 529 savings plans are becoming increasingly popular, but disbursing these funds to the school can be burdensome for students and parents. Is your campus prepared to help your students and parents understand how they can disburse their 529 funds in the most convenient way possible?

Attend this webinar to get an overview of 529 plans, and learn key strategies for communicating with students and parents to help them understand their plans, clarify the most common misconceptions, and help your business office to be prepared to accept these transactions smoothly.

 Topics will include:

  • An overview of 529 plans
  • The rapid growth of 529 plans, and what it means for institutions 
  • Helping students and parents to understand how to use their 529 accounts
  • Comparing the advantages of electronic acceptance and disbursements of 529 funds against other options


Understanding 529 Plans - Equipping students and parents for success
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