Corporate Social Responsibility

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Guiding Principles

Transact is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR), integrating it into every aspect of our work. We prioritize ethical business practices, sustainability, inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility while holding ourselves accountable to make a positive impact as responsible corporate citizens through our CSR Guiding Principles.



We conduct transparent and fair communication about our actions and are accountable for our social and environmental impact.


Ethical labor practices

We ensure fair and safe working conditions for our employees, including fair wages and non-discriminatory practices and policies.


Diversity and inclusion

We embrace inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility and foster a work culture that ensures equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, or sexual orientation.


Community engagement

We engage with communities we live and work in to support needs through philanthropic efforts or other means.


Environmental sustainability

We minimize our environmental footprint by using renewable energy, reducing waste, and conserving resources.


Executive Steering Committee

Nancy Langer
Nancy Langer

Chief Executive Officer

Mechelle King
Mechelle King

VP, Corporate Social Responsibility

Dean Newton
Dean Newton

Chief Legal Officer

Autumn Flora
Autumn Flora

Chief Marketing Officer

Laura Newell-McLaughlin
Laura Newell-McLaughlin

EVP and GM, Integrated Payments and Campus Commerce

Erica Bass
Erica Bass

SVP, Product Management

Taran Lent
Taran Lent

SVP, Product Development and Technology

Transact Mentorship Program

Transact’s mentorship program contributes significantly to the overall success and reputation of companies by fostering client engagement, student development, and a positive organizational culture. The program provides a platform to increase knowledge and perspectives, professional networking, and development, and create pathways for early career talent to join our organization.


Benefits to Mentees (Students)

  • Accelerates development by enhancing self-esteem and confidence
  • Gains guidance on identifying and developing essential skills for academic and career success
  • Expands professional network while increasing diverse perspectives and knowledge of various industries

Benefits to University

  • Enhances student success and contribute to higher retention rates
  • Creates a positive institutional culture by fostering a sense of community and support
  • Provides development opportunities for students

Transact Speaks

  • Aims to offer a powerful means of knowledge exchange and client/partner relationship-building. 
  • Provides a platform to allow building a community of clients/partners who share common interests and challenges. This community-building aspect fosters a sense of belonging and connection. 
  • Topics for Transact Speaks will include, but not limited to: Interviewing 101, Mentorship, and First-Generation College Student Experience.

Transact Summer Internship Program

Transact’s diversity internship program aims to promote inclusivity and foster the development of underrepresented talent within our organization. It creates pathways for early career talent to join our organization – with emphasis on students from all diverse backgrounds to gain valuable work experience and professional growth.

Our 10-week summer internship assignment within an identified division of Transact will combine learning with skill development through practical work and projects.

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Employee Resource Groups

"I have long believed that Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and the leaders that drive them are the “culture creators” for companies. People that are passionate about driving change, passionate about their company and making us better, driving inclusivity, driving for voices to be heard, and driving for fairness and equality. I want to personally thank all of our ERG leaders and committee members for what they do"

Nancy Langer, Chief Executive Officer

T-WIN Logo

Transact Women's Interest Network (T-WIN)'s mission is to inspire, empower, and educate women and their allies at Transact. T-WIN supports members in achieving their full potential by facilitating opportunities for mentorship, networking, support, and community outreach

Tapestry Logo

Tapestry focuses on aiding multi-ethnic team members to achieve their fullest potential across the spectrum of professional development and employment opportunities at Transact. Working through a blended network of professionals, Tapestry fosters accessibility and opportunities for empowerment, career development, mentorship, and community engagement.


PRIDE is dedicated to providing a welcoming and inclusive culture for LGBTQIA+ members and allies, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We foster open dialogue on topics specific to group members while encouraging change through the execution of effective strategy. PRIDE strives to provide a safe space to be your authentic self, inspire community building, and promote professional development while creating networking opportunities for team members internally and externally.

Military and Veterans ERG Logo

Military Veterans and Family (MVF) aim to create an inclusive and welcoming environment that recognizes and appreciates the contributions of military personnel and veterans to the company. The mission is providing support, resources, and advocacy for military and veteran employees, their families, and allies within the company. This includes creating a strong network and community, organizing events and programs that cater to their unique needs, and promoting opportunities for professional growth and development.