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Gen Z shifting demands for college experience in Canada

As per Campus ID News, mobile-driven experiences are becoming a crucial factor for students when selecting a college. Our research agrees, with 74% of students believing this would create a better college experience.

The current payment process for food, tuition, books, and housing frustrates Canadian college students. They need help navigating the campus and seeking more convenient and mobile-friendly options to ease the process.

Gen Z students want their student IDs to work for dorms, libraries, and mobile ordering on and off campus.

Canadian universities must give students an easy, mobile, connected experience to meet these expectations. Protect your campus with a single, open door access system made for higher education to keep campuses safe.

Transact is the leader in higher education campus technology, now expanding to Canada

Transact, the leading innovator of higher education technology, is rapidly expanding into Canada.

Together, we can improve the student experience on campus and simplify the daily tasks of your system administrators.

Transact has been in higher education for 40 years. We serve 12 million customers yearly, work with 1,940+ institutions, and handle $53 billion in payments.

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University of New Brunswick multiple device view

Transact Mobile Credential

NFC-powered Mobile Credential is a high priority for Gen Z'ers. Our study found that 70% of Gen Z students consider Digital IDs important when choosing a college.

Using digital IDs in your school's recruitment and retention strategy can help departments achieve more with limited resources. Additionally, it allows them to meet students' desires. Don't let other Canadian institutions dip into your enrollment.

Transact Mobile Credential is an extension of our Transact Campus ID platform. It gives your students a fast, secure, student ID card on their mobile devices.

Now, with 1.4+ MILLION Mobile Credentials issued, will your school be next?

School Benefits

  • Full functionality—works just like a physical card
  • Eco-friendly solution—no plastic cards
  • Largest network of third-party partners
  • Remote issuance to provision, update, or revoke credentials in real-time
  • Free dedicated B2C marketing team to create a stress-free onboarding process—from approvals to design to templates

Student Benefits

  • Highly secure technology for Apple Wallet™, Google Wallet™, and Apple Watch
  • Faster, more secure campus-wide transactions with a direct contactless read between the mobile device and reader
  • Ultimate convenience with the option to provision remotely, providing a 24/7 virtual card office
  • Direct access to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Mobile Credential
Door Access animation

Transact Door Access Control and Security

Ensuring security on campus is crucial in today's world, and students expect to have convenient access to their dorms and other campus buildings through mobile devices.

Transact gives administrators better security features by automating user setup, managing credentials, and controlling access levels based on student and housing data.

Our industry-leading open-campus security ecosystem has already helped numerous colleges and universities in Canada with door access programs enabled by our Transact Mobile Credential solution.

Create a safe, secure campus with a versatile, sophisticated, and user-friendly solution. Discover how Transact Campus ID + Transact Door Access Control and Security can safeguard your school.

School Benefits

  • Flexible access settings with door organization and grouping
  • Configurable mobile monitoring, momentary unlock, and lockdown/override options
  • Integration with existing and critical campus security features and systems
  • Measure and predict student campus movements

Student Benefits

  • Safer dorms and buildings thanks to IDs
  • Use Transact Mobile Credential to access any door—no need to carry an extra card
  • Quick, effortless access to buildings, residence halls, and amenities campus-wide

Luxer One® 

Students in Canada can now access contactless smart lockers 24/7 using their NFC-enabled Transact Mobile Credential on Samsung Wallet™, Apple Wallet™, and Google Wallet™, or their contactless student ID cards.

Luxer One and Transact Campus ID have partnered to offer a comprehensive on-campus solution. This solution includes hardware, software, installation, service, support, and pickup.

School Benefits

  • Labor reduction from reduced or removed mailroom staffing requirements
  • Retain more on-campus students with better housing experience
  • Secure, automated parcel delivery exchange from delivery to student
  • Configurable integration to Transact Campus ID system
  • Custom unit options for paint, wraps, or campus branding

Student Benefits

  • Enhanced student experience with convenient, anytime parcel pickup
  • Tap-and-go access using Transact Mobile Credential or contactless student ID cards
  • Highly secure parcel exchange with optional 24/7 video surveillance
  • Self-service technology cuts student wait times while streamlining campus operations
Luxer One locker opening
Cloud POS

Transact Cloud POS

Many Canadian institutions struggle with maintaining integrations and on-premises software because of manual processes and outdated tools.

This puts pressure to improve efficiency and meet student expectations for a more connected and mobile campus experience.

Join 450+ schools in Canada and the US in streamlining the acceptance of contactless payments across campus. Use Transact Campus Commerce solution, Transact Cloud POS, for easy student shopping with a centralized, cloud-based system.

School Benefits

  • One unified solution to process, prioritize, and fulfill any retail transaction from any supported device
  • Exportable data for easy accounting
  • On-the-fly scheduling and menu changes across all ordering channels
  • Intuitive dashboard for viewing 60+ standard reports

Student Benefits

  • Convenient and continuous mobile payment experience across campus
  • Multiple payment options that include debit card, credit card, and Campus ID accounts
  • Choose the way you want to order: cashier, mobile ordering, or kiosk
  • Reduced wait times and faster transaction processing
  • Enhanced financial management and visibility of campus-wide transactions

Transact Mobile Ordering

Our research has found that the biggest challenge faced by college students on campus is not being able to pay for tuition or food through a mobile device. Dining programs have become an essential recruitment tool for Canadian schools and a deciding factor for students.

Our mobile ordering solution provides them with a fast, secure ordering experience from their mobile phones.

Transact Mobile Ordering is an extension of our Transact Campus Commerce platform. It enables one place to manage transactions, items, pricing, and reporting.

Now, with 206+ institutions and 1,973+ locations implementing Transact Mobile Ordering, will your school be next?

School Benefits

  • Maximize activity/revenue at on-campus dining facilities
  • Increase student satisfaction and engagement
  • Support a contactless experience for your students
  • Boost the image of the school with innovative services
  • Upsell, cross-sell, create promotions, and encourage student purchases
  • Create opportunities for schools to penetrate new markets and industries that are primarily online ordering-based, such as events, giving campus administrators and sellers a competitive edge with our Web Ordering integration

Student Benefits

  • Ability to customize orders from on-campus locations
  • Enable contactless ordering and pickup with optional third-party locker integration
  • Receive notifications during every step of the ordering process—wait times, delivery, and pickup
  • Review nutritional information
  • Earn loyalty points and receive notifications of special student benefits and offers
Mobile Ordering

Transact Kiosks

Transact Kiosks and Transact Cloud POS offer a unified platform for Canadian schools. This platform allows them to manage transactions, items, prices, and reports throughout the campus.

Students can quickly order, scan, and pay for small purchases using self-service kiosks located on campus. These kiosks can be freestanding or mounted on walls, tables, or counters to provide convenience.

Offering a contactless experience can enhance customer satisfaction and engagement. By reducing wait times and streamlining the ordering process, kiosks can help increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

School Benefits

  • Save on labor costs with fewer cashiers
  • Encourage purchases with personalized message displays
  • Increase revenue with the ability to upsell, display banners, and ads
  • Multiple payment options, including debit card, credit card, and Campus ID accounts

Student Benefits

  • Quick transactions—no waiting in line
  • Multiple payment options including debit card, credit card, and Campus ID accounts

What schools in Canada are saying about Transact Campus solutions

"Our mission is to inspire and educate people, become problem solvers and leaders in the world, undertake research that addresses societal and scientific challenges, and engage with our partners to build a more just, sustainable and inclusive world.

Transact's technology solutions directly support our mission while modernizing our transaction processing and making our community environment simpler."

Karen Cunningham, Vice-President Administration and Finance, University of New Brunswick

Phone and watch icon for mobile credential

First Canadian Institution to offer Transact's mobile Campus ID solution

Transact Mobile Credential is available on iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android phones for students, faculty, and staff.

School building icon

Safe, convenient, and highly secure mobile transactions

Multi-factor authentication protects Mobile UCards at UNB to ensure student account security, even if a password is compromised.

Shield icon

Creating a safer, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly process

UNB can issue mobile UCards remotely, without requiring in-person meetings or physical cards.

University of New Brunswick challenge:

As a leader in deploying technology that is convenient and easy to use, UNB wanted a mobile ID solution that directly aligned with their mission of simplifying the community environment, while modernizing transaction processing and enabling a connected campus experience.

UNB launched Transact Mobile Credential:

With Transact Mobile Credential, UNB can manage access for doors and contactless payment capabilities by putting IDs on the smartphones of students, faculty, and staff. The adoption of the technology supports UNB’s values of innovation, environmental impact, and engagement.

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