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Transact is the leader in higher education campus technology, now expanding to Australia

Transact, the leading innovator of higher education technology, is rapidly expanding into Australia.

Together, we can improve the student experience on campus and simplify the daily tasks of your system administrators.

Transact has been in higher education for 40 years. We serve 12 million customers yearly, work with 1,940+ institutions, and handle $53 billion in payments.

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Gen Z shifting demands for college experience

As per Campus ID News, mobile-driven experiences are becoming a crucial factor for students when selecting a college. Our research agrees, with 74% of students believing this would create a better college experience.

The current payment process for food, tuition, books, and housing frustrates college students. They need help navigating the campus and seeking more convenient and mobile-friendly options to ease the process.

Gen Z students want their student IDs to work for dorms, libraries, and mobile ordering on and off campus.

Universities must give students an easy, mobile, connected experience to meet these expectations. Protect your campus with a single, open door access system made for higher education to keep campuses safe.

Transact Mobile Credential

NFC-powered Mobile Credential is a high priority for Gen Z'ers. Our study found that 70% of Gen Z students consider Digital IDs important when choosing a college.

Using digital IDs in your school's recruitment and retention strategy can help departments achieve more with limited resources. Additionally, it allows them to meet students' desires. Don't let other Australian institutions dip into your enrollment.

Transact Mobile Credential is an extension of our Transact Campus ID platform. It gives your students a fast, secure, student ID card on their mobile devices.

Now, with 1.4+ MILLION Mobile Credentials issued, will your school be next?

School Benefits

  • Full functionality—works just like a physical card
  • Eco-friendly solution—no plastic cards
  • Largest network of third-party partners
  • Remote issuance to provision, update, or revoke credentials in real-time
  • Free dedicated B2C marketing team to create a stress-free onboarding process—from approvals to design to templates

Student Benefits

  • Highly secure technology for Apple Wallet™, Google Wallet™, and Apple Watch
  • Faster, more secure campus-wide transactions with a direct contactless read between the mobile device and reader
  • Ultimate convenience with the option to provision remotely, providing a 24/7 virtual card office
  • Direct access to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Kalyani Kar Mobile Credential
Mobile credential being used via watch on a door

Transact Door Access Control and Security

Ensuring security on campus is crucial in today's world, and students expect to have convenient access to their dorms and other campus buildings through mobile devices.

Transact gives administrators better security features by automating user setup, managing credentials, and controlling access levels based on student and housing data.

Our industry-leading open-campus security ecosystem has already helped numerous colleges and universities in Australia with door access programs enabled by our Transact Mobile Credential solution.

Create a safe, secure campus with a versatile, sophisticated, and user-friendly solution. Discover how Transact Campus ID + Transact Door Access Control and Security can safeguard your school.

School Benefits

  • Flexible access settings with door organization and grouping
  • Configurable mobile monitoring, momentary unlock, and lockdown/override options
  • Integration with existing and critical campus security features and systems
  • Measure and predict student campus movements

Student Benefits

  • Safer dorms and buildings thanks to IDs
  • Use Transact Mobile Credential to access any door—no need to carry an extra card
  • Quick, effortless access to buildings, residence halls, and amenities campus-wide

Luxer One® 

Students in Australia can now access contactless smart lockers 24/7 using their NFC-enabled Transact Mobile Credential on Samsung Wallet™, Apple Wallet™, and Google Wallet™, or their contactless student ID cards.

Luxer One and Transact Campus ID have partnered to offer a comprehensive on-campus solution. This solution includes hardware, software, installation, service, support, and pickup.

School Benefits

  • Labor reduction from reduced or removed mailroom staffing requirements
  • Retain more on-campus students with better housing experience
  • Secure, automated parcel delivery exchange from delivery to student
  • Configurable integration to Transact Campus ID system
  • Custom unit options for paint, wraps, or campus branding

Student Benefits

  • Enhanced student experience with convenient, anytime parcel pickup
  • Tap-and-go access using Transact Mobile Credential or contactless student ID cards
  • Highly secure parcel exchange with optional 24/7 video surveillance
  • Self-service technology cuts student wait times while streamlining campus operations
Student using mobile phone at Luxer One Locker

What schools in Australia are saying about Transact Campus solutions

"Monash University prides itself on the early adoption and development of new user-convenient technologies and strives to continuously improve student and staff experiences. We’re proud to be at the forefront of a modern, more efficient way for students and staff to engage with our campus facilities and services,"

Peter Marshall, Chief Operating Officer, and Senior Vice-President at Monash University

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