Cashless Payment Solutions for the Workplace

The Quickcharge cashless payment solution allows employees and other personnel to make convenient, cash-free purchases at dining and retail venues throughout your organization.

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Cashless Payment Features:

Cashless payment programs for every situation

Quickcharge offers several program types to accommodate full-time and part-time employees, contractors, students, residents, interns, visitors, and much more.

  • Payroll Deduction: With seamless integration to payroll solutions, Quickcharge delivers a worry-free, automated process.
  • Meal Plans: Create complex, flexible plans to allocate meal credits or allowances on a set schedule – then simply tap or swipe to redeem.
  • Gift Cards: Quickcharge gift cards can be customized to fit your brand and are perfect for visitors, employee rewards, and more.
  • Account Billing: Users can be invoiced on a monthly basis to enable non-employees to utilize the benefits of Quickcharge.
  • Prepaid Declining Balance: Users can load funds from the My Quickcharge self-service app, desktop portal or from point of sale terminals and self-service kiosks.
  • Pay As You Go: For users who prefer not to load funds in advance, a stored credit card can be charged for each individual transaction.
  • Departmental Catering: Create accounts for specific departments and track purchases made by approved users for meetings or events.
Cashless Payment Solutions
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Seamless integration with existing technology

Quickcharge automates the cashless payment process by working seamlessly with your organization’s existing payment technology.

  • Utilize company-issued ID badges for cashless payment – Quickcharge supports proximity, bar code, and magnetic stripe badges.
  • Import employees from your HR or labor management solution to ensure that user data is accurate and current with no double entry.
  • Quickcharge cashless integrates with many 3rd party POS systems allowing you to leverage your investment.
  • Automate payroll deduction by sending employee charges to your payroll solution at the end of each pay period.

Benefits for employees and employers

Quickcharge provides a win-win solution for both parties.


  • Increased convenience: Employees can pay with their existing ID badges or their mobile devices – no need to worry about carrying wallets or handling cash.
  • Speed of service: Quickcharge transactions are 3 times faster than other payment methods, so employees save time and long lines disappear.
  • Self-service and mobile ordering: Employees can quickly place orders online for pickup or delivery, increasing convenience and satisfaction.


  • Contactless Payment: Eliminate physical contact by allowing users to pay with phones or ID badges using tap and go technology.
  • No transaction fees: Unlike credit and debit cards, Quickcharge carries no per-transaction fees, allowing for increased profitability.
  • Increased revenue: The convenience of Quickcharge typically leads to a 20% increase in revenue at participating retail venues.
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