Integrated Payments

Payment Software for Tuition Billing, Payment Processing, Payment Plans, Refunds, and eCommerce Storefronts

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Integrated Payments

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Payment Processing

Streamline support, lower processing fees, and simplify reconciliation processing with one secure, award-winning platform designed for higher education billing solutions. Both SmartPay, which eliminates credit card transaction processing charges to boost revenue, and CampusPay, which allows schools to absorb fees to reduce the burden on students and families, use a multi-layered approach to protect data privacy while offering convenient ways to pay and accept tuition and other payments.

School Benefits

  • Eliminate costly merchant fees
  • Centralize reporting across departments for higher visibility of activity
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant
  • Single provider with full visibility and quick distribution of funds

Student Benefits

  • Secure information and increased data privacy
  • Dedicated client services for students and authorized payers
  • Single mobile-first interface for conducting campus payments
Payment Processing


Reduce administrative work and streamline the entire student payment system with one cloud-based platform that lowers costs, saves time, and provides a better user experience. The ePayment suite integrates Payment Processing, Payment Plans, Bill Presentment, and Cashiering.

School Benefits

  • Market-leading integrations with SIS and financial applications
  • Multiple payment options - ACH, debit card, credit card, International Payments, 529 plans, Apple Pay, and other alternative payments
  • Tools for virtual remote support and assistance
  • User emulation tool for school staff to provide visibility into student account activity
  • Consolidated payment method reporting

Student Benefits

  • Hassle-free payment management from any device, plus automatic alerts via web, text, or email
  • Recurring autopay features
  • Optional schedule payment feature
  • Integration with GradGuard Tuition Insurance
  • Single interface for billing and transaction history

Payment Plans

Give every student a greater chance at success with a choice of full-service, flexible payment plans that help them reduce debt or avoid it altogether. Full-service Payment Plans provide a complete suite of functionality, while Promise to Pay plans bridge a gap for students waiting for their secured financial aid to be deposited in their accounts.

School Benefits

  • Customized plans to collect tuition, housing, and meal payments
  • Multiple payment options
  • SIS integration for accurate student records
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Free turnkey marketing services

Student Benefits

  • Reduced student loan burden
  • Flexible plans to spread out payments for tuition, housing, and meals
  • Clear, simple enrollment instructions
  • Ability to set up auto payment and reminders
  • Multiple payment options - ACH, debit and credit card, international payments, 529 plan, Apple Pay, and alternate payments
Payment Plans


Offer students 24/7 convenience for retail, food, recreation, and other in-person and online campus purchases with customizable online storefronts. The eMarket suite includes Payment Processing with Virtual Terminal and Assisted Payments.

School Benefits

  • Simple navigation for higher utilization
  • SIS and financial system integration
  • Secure PCI-DSS Level 1 validated payment processing
  • Payment processing tools for third party web stores

Student Benefits

  • 24/7 access to retail, food, education, and recreation-related shopping
  • Secure payment options - debit and credit cards, ACH/EFT, ApplePay, and International Payments
  • Ability to pay with campus card*
*where available

Sponsor Payments

Manage sponsor payments just as easy —and automated — as any other electronic payment process you oversee. Get real-time visibility into every stage of the process and integrate seamlessly with other payment solutions you currently use. The intuitive, user-friendly portal readily links payments and delivers flexible reporting and presentation capabilities. Stop sending spreadsheets. Increase efficiency, decrease costs, and make everyone’s lives easier—sponsors, students, and staff—with fully automated sponsor payment processing.

School Benefits

  • Easy sponsor payment management between universities, sponsor entities, and student  
  • Clear visibility of the entire payment process, from invoice to payment, in real-time
  • Seamless SIS integration into the payment solution you already trust 
  • Automated efficiency with an intuitive platform that saves time and reduces errors

Student Benefits

  • Students maintain sponsorship opportunities, leading to increased likelihood of their continued enrollment and degree completion
  • Strengthen communication between students, sponsor entities, and the university, fostering a collaborative relationship
Sponsored Payments on laptop
Transact Insights Computer screen with positive chart


Turn campus data into actionable insights that improve your operations and student experience. Harness the power of the data! From tuition payments to dining halls, every transaction is a data point that could provide deeper insight into how your campus operates. With Transact Insights, access the data and analytics you need to realize operational and student engagement improvements.

School Benefits

  • The single data analytics solution across all your operations.
  • Natively integrated with Transact solutions – no costly and custom data integrations required.
  • Access the beautiful dashboards in our web-based application through a single user profile with Single Sign On (SSO) and role-based permissions system
  • Directly access years of historical data in your preferred analytics tool for custom reporting and dashboards.

Student Benefits

  • Track late payment trends to identify the best payment plans for students needing a little help.
  • Identify payment trends to offer the best student payment experience.
  • Track student retention risks with data indicators such payment plan enrollment.
  • Identify areas where payments could be streamlined across departments or transaction types.

International Payments

Simplify international payment processing and reconciliation with one platform so transactions are secure and compliant. Supports students from more than 162 countries, accepts 134 currencies and offers faster disbursements. No additional cost to add International Payments to the ePayment or eMarket modules.

NEW! Transact International Payments Automated Refunds
Transact International Payments now supports automated refunds. Our latest release provides automatic refunds for easy processing and reconciliation and reporting. With a touch of a button, school administrators can process refunds for students using our integrated international payments solution. Once the refund is processed, the student will receive an email with the details so that they can rest assured that their money is securely on the way back into their bank account.

School Benefits

  • Centralized platform for managing global payments and transactions
  • SIS integration, including payment entry and data retrieval
  • Compliant with global, regional, and local regulations
  • Multiple funds disbursement schedules available; daily, twice a week or weekly

Student Benefits

  • Competitive exchange rates with no international bank wire fees
  • Alternative payment options - APMs, Alipay, WeChat, etc.
  • Multilingual client support available 24/7
  • One seamless payment platform
International Payments
Digital Wallets

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are quickly becoming the go-to payment method for many consumers, and our platform supports major digital wallets such as Google Pay™ and Apple Pay™. This means that students and faculty can now make payments using their mobile devices, without the need to carry cash or cards. By enabling digital wallet payments on campus, you can provide a seamless and secure payment experience for your students and faculty.

School Benefits

  • Contactless payment option
  • Fast, secure, and convenient, and eliminates the need to fill out forms or provide sensitive information

Student Benefits

  • Complete transactions with just a tap of a mobile device
  • Modern payment experience that younger students expect

Bill Presentment

Provide students and their authorized payers third parties convenient, 24/7 viewing access to statements with automated bill presentment—all integrated within the online student dashboard.

School Benefits

  • Reduced labor, paper, and postage costs
  • Faster dispute resolution
  • Monthly statements and real-time balance activity view of transactions and account activity with Dynamic Bill
  • Marketing leading integration with SIS platforms

Student Benefits

  • Secure, easily accessible account and automatic alerts via web, text, or email
  • Historical billing and real-time balance activity
Bill Presentment
Student Financial Agreement

Student Financial Agreement (SFA)

Student Financial Agreements give students information about financial policies regarding their enrollment and tuition. By requiring students to sign these documents, they acknowledge that they understand the cost of their education and the policies regarding payments and collection.

School Benefits

  • Present updated agreements upon student login
  • Require students to accept agreements
  • Track students who have signed and extract signature status to ERP
  • Note the Student ID, Date, Timestamp, and IP address for legal and collection purposes
  • Viewable and printable by administrators

Student Benefits

  • Students view a pop-up alerting them that there is a new form available to sign when they log on to pay tuition
  • Students digitally sign legally-binding forms via an electronic signature
  • Viewable, downloadable, and printable by students


Utilize flexible tools to securely manage payments on campus, from desktops to mobile workstations.

School Benefits

  • Point to Point Encryption (P2Pe) removes PCI exposure
  • Centralized tools for dispute resolution and reporting
  • Unlimited user licenses
  • Market-leading integration with SIS platforms

Student Benefits

  • Flexible payment options: cash, credit card, check
  • Real-time account balance and payment updates


Simplify the student refund process with faster processing and disbursement, fewer paper checks, and reduced postage fees. Perform a student aid refund, payment refund, or perform a credit balance using one, integrated online student dashboard. Use our Refund Paper Check module to supplement and automate your processes by automating the process of printing and mailing refund checks and meeting Title IV disbursement requirements by sending a check to students who do not enroll for ACH.

School Benefits

  • Clear view of student refund enrollment status
  • No need to store banking information
  • Customizable notifications when sending student alerts
  • SIS integration for more accurate student records

Student Benefits

  • Faster credit balance refunds
  • Secure, online enrollment portal with automatic alerts via web, text, or email
  • Disbursement through direct deposit
  • Easy access from any device

Virtual Terminal

Expand your payment processing options with a secure, mobile virtual terminal. Boundaries, removed.

Processing digital campus payments on-the-go is the new standard. This robust, web-based application seamlessly integrates with existing campus technology and syncs payment transaction data directly into the ERP. It's that easy. Virtual Terminal relies on leading Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) technology, significantly reducing the scope of PCI audits–a key advantage for any higher ed institution. By connecting to the internet, it's more accessible than ever and accepts various contactless payment methods through a phone, tablet, or computer. Create the flexibility your campus needs to pay securely, with or without swiping, catering to the digital preferences of today's students.

School Benefits

  • Fill gaps in current payment capabilities with a hand-held terminal that accepts payments anywhere with web accessibility
  • Evolve campus payment processing on a variety of devices including phone, tablet, or computer
  • Utilize existing ERPs to integrate into Transact Payments (ePayment and eMarket)
  • Trust the experts in payment processing who use validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) which reduces schools PCI scope

Student Benefits

  • Quickly make payments across campus, in person or over the phone
  • Contactless and paperless transactions for convenience
  • Fast, reliable, and secure payment solution for peace of mind
  • The choice to use physical cards or a digital wallet with an NFC-capable device
Virtual Terminal
Rapid Checkout

Rapid Checkout

Rapid Checkout is a modern API and UI used to process in person and over the phone transactions.

School Benefits

  • Allow vendors to integrate (both in-person and online experiences) their application into your campus’ environment
  • Payments captured on vendor sites merge with your transaction data and reporting is in one place
  • Tokenization and Point to Point Encryptions (P2PE) reduces schools’ PCI scope

Student Benefits

  • Modern API with enhanced security
  • Simple and sleek checkout user interface
  • Process one time, recurring, future, and refund transactions

Enable students to receive, view, and download 1098T tax forms electronically through the secure online student account portal or via mail.

School Benefits

  • Full integration with Bill Presentment
  • Removes administrative burden
  • Forms can be automatically filed with IRS
  • Eliminate paper processing or choose to use electronic and paper

Student Benefits

  • View, download, and print 1098T and 1098E tax forms
  • Immediate access when forms are available

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