End-to-End ERP Integrations for Higher Education

Transact's advanced integration capabilities with leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems eliminate data silos and offer effective management, robust security, and efficient payment solutions to support the dynamic operations of higher ed institutions.

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ERP Integrations made easy

Effortlessly integrate Student Information Systems (SIS) and finance systems, migrate to the cloud with support, ensure PCI compliance, share data, enable frictionless payments, and streamline reporting.

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Streamlining Data Integration for Higher Education

Transact offers a robust, cloud-based platform designed to enhance the efficiency and security of higher education institutions. By integrating with ERP systems, Transact ensures that data flows smoothly between various campus systems, enhancing both operational efficiency and user experience. Transact Exchange, our middleware application, facilitates this integration, providing a powerful toolset for real-time data management and system connectivity.

Key Features and Benefits:

Easy ERP System Integration

Transact Exchange supports out-of-the-box integration with leading higher education ERP systems, utilizing both legacy communication frameworks and modern RESTful APIs to ensure compatibility and streamline data exchange.

Real-Time Data Handling

Capable of processing high volumes of transactions efficiently, Transact Exchange processes both inbound and outbound data in real time, supporting critical academic and administrative functions.

100% Cloud-Based Infrastructure

With Transact Exchange, institutions can reduce reliance on on-premises technologies, lowering IT costs and simplifying system maintenance. Our platform supports cloud migration with extensive training and expert guidance for a smooth transition.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Adheres to PCI compliance standards, offering a secure configuration platform that protects sensitive data and meets rigorous industry regulations and security standards.

Optimized Payment and Process Automation

Our API and SaaS-driven solutions integrate into campus operations, improving payment systems and automating routine tasks such as account updates and notifications, enhancing overall business efficiency.

Advanced Data Management Tools

Provides sophisticated monitoring and analysis tools that help institutions manage payment data effectively, ensuring accurate record-keeping and optimized reconciliation processes.

Intuitive Interface and Maintenance

The drag-and-drop interface of Transact Exchange allows easy setup and adjustment of business process flows, minimizing the need for manual coding and simplifying system updates.

Personalized Integration Flows

Choose from a library of pre-built business flows tailored for higher education, or connect to third-party products using reusable components to accelerate application development.

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Optimizing Data Management

By centralizing integration efforts and simplifying complex processes, data management in higher education is easier than ever. Our platform is designed to significantly reduce the complexity of data systems, ensuring efficient operations and freeing up valuable institutional resources.

  • Centralized Integration: Acts as a unified hub for all data management needs, significantly reducing the complexity and number of integration points required.

  • Robust Middleware: Facilitates seamless data flow between Transact products, preventing data silos and enhancing accessibility, while also reducing operational costs by lowering development and maintenance expenses through eliminating the need for custom integration.

  • Prebuilt ERP Adapters: Transact includes prebuilt adapters for a variety of ERP systems, facilitating easier and faster integration processes.

Transact Exchange not only optimizes data flow and system integration but also supports institutions in achieving greater operational efficiency and resource management.

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