Transact Solutions

Powering the digital campus ecosystem

Deliver a Mobile-Centric Student Experience and Streamline Administration with Integrated Payments, Campus ID, and Commerce Solutions

  • Mobile-centric ecosystem
  • Single-sign on experience
  • Robust ERP Integrations
  • One ID for everything
  • Seamless transaction processing for dining and retail
  • Convenient contactless and in-person payments
  • Holistic, single sourced data insights
  • Configurable and personalized experience
  • Contactless mobile ordering
  • Unified retail POS solution
  • Streamlined payment processing
  • PCI and regulatory compliant
  • Secure, NFC-enabled mobile credential
  • Flexible and pre-certified integrations
  • Over 270 partner integrations
Integrated Payments

Integrated Payments

Simplify complex campus payments with a modern platform for tuition, billing and more.

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Integrated Payments

Campus ID

Create a safer, more convenient campus with multi-purpose campus credentials.

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Campus Commerce

Campus Commerce

Easily align every transaction everywhere with one commerce solution.

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Powering Innovation and Seamless Technology for Higher Education

Transact One

Empower digital transformation on campus by moving payment, campus ID, and campus commerce applications to a single, integrated platform in the cloud.

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Transact IDX®

Enable student transactions and access with stored value, unlimited meal plans, door access integration, and event registration and tracking with one cloud-based solution.

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Transact Sponsor Payments

Modernize and simplify third-party bulk payments for student tuition and fees.

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Transact Insights

Introducing a single data analytics solution across all operations. Turn campus data into actionable insights that improve your operations and student experience.

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ERP Integration

Streamline and simplify the integration process across mission-critical systems. This middleware brokers traffic between Transact products, third-party vendors, and ERP partners.

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Enabling Campuses to Seamlessly Connect Every Student Experience


Featured Case Studies

The University of Alabama
University of Alabama

Read how the University of Alabama provided a secure, mobile-centric campus environment with Transact Mobile Credential for contactless student IDs, effortless transactions, and campus-wide access privileges.

University of North Georgia
University of North Georgia

Learn how Transact Mobile Ordering supports the rhythm of student life while also providing invaluable data, insights, and management for campus vendors and staff.

Mid-Plains Community College
Mid-Plains Community College

Learn how Transact Mobile Credential has helped Mid-Plains Community College ensure students have building access from day one.