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University of Alabama

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"I am a 32-year veteran employee of the University of Alabama and I have found this to be the most productive and transforming project that I have ever worked on. And Transact has been such a valuable partner to provide such an incredible mobile solution. These are quicker transactions; they’re secure transactions; they're convenient transactions."

Jeanine Brooks
Action Card Office Director, University of Alabama

Convenient, Mobile-Centric Campus Environment for More Than 38,000 Students
Students access dormitories, dining halls, off-campus amenities and more with secure Mobile Credential

Easy Implementation, High Adoption Rates, and Seamless Campus Access
According to students, Mobile Credential is a game-changer that provides worry-free access on and off campus, and also fits easily into their tech-centric lifestyles

Strong ROI and Reduced Costs
Just the decrease in costs associated with replacing lost or damaged student ID cards and rekeying locks alone has paid for the university’s investment in mobile credentialing

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The University of Alabama, the state’s flagship institution, first got the push to move to a mobile-centric campus from its students who asked for a better mechanism for student IDs, more commonly known around campus as “action cards.” Students were constantly worrying about losing their action cards, plus wanted a more seamless experience while accessing campus and paying for things. Security was also a concern when Action cards were lost or went missing, and also led to frustration while students waited for a replacement. In some instances, the university even had to pay to have locks rekeyed.


The University of Alabama realized that the one device students don’t lose is their phone, which made mobile credentialing an ideal solution. The staff worked with Transact to become an early adopter of its Mobile Credential in order to transform the university into a convenient, mobile-centric environment. The implementation was easy and adoption was high with very few questions or concerns from students. Aside from taking away the worry of losing their action cards, students now have a quick, easy way to access campus and pay for the things they need with shorter lines.

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