Quickcharge Dining and Retail Technology for the Workplace.

Quickcharge is a robust software suite with solutions for every aspect of workplace dining and retail technology. By seamlessly combining a powerful point of sale solution with automated cashless payment and user-friendly mobile ordering, Quickcharge offers the most comprehensive solution to fit your organization’s needs.

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QuickCharge on multiple devices

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Cashless Payment Solutions

The Quickcharge cashless payment solution allows employees and other personnel to use existing ID badges or mobile devices to make convenient, cash-free purchases at workplace dining and retail locations. Quickcharge offers many cashless programs including prepaid declining balance, payroll deduction, complex meal plans, gift cards, departmental catering, account billing, and stored credit cards.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing technology, Quickcharge is the cashless payment solution that suits all of your organization’s needs.

Cashless Payment Solutions

Point of Sale and Kiosk Solutions

Quickcharge POS is a full-featured point of sale solution for dining and retail outlets within your organization. Designed specifically for corporate environments, Quickcharge POS offers a wide array of features and tools to help you effectively manage your dining and retail operations.

From traditional cashier-based point of sale to ordering kiosks, self-checkout, tablet-based POS, and much more, Quickcharge POS delivers a solution for every venue.

Self-Service and Mobile Ordering

My Quickcharge is a user-friendly, self-service, and mobile ordering app that allows users to make purchases at dining and retail outlets and easily manage their Quickcharge accounts. Available for Android and Apple devices or through a web-based portal, My Quickcharge helps shrink long lines and maximizes convenience for account holders.

With a wide range of features including contactless payment, account funding, visibility into balances and past purchases, and the ability to freeze an account, My Quickcharge provides convenience and increased productivity for every user.

Self-service and mobile ordering

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