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Transact Sponsor Payments connects sponsors, universities and students on a single platform, reinventing sponsor payment sharing and the payment experience. Automated. Visible. Easier than ever.

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Why Transact Sponsor Payments?

Your team doesn’t have time to manage the burden of extra spreadsheets and manual tasks from sponsors. Administering sponsor payments should be just as easy—and automated—as any other payment process you manage Now, it can be.

With an intuitive, user-friendly portal that readily links payments and delivers flexible reporting and presentation capabilities, you can transform the way sponsor payments are processed. Plus, by providing a positive sponsor payment experience, today’s students can increase their likelihood of continued enrollment and academic completion.

Modern data integration and self-service capabilities

Transform workflows with this unique portal that provides new data integrations and displays while offering configurable payment methods. Streamline data access and analysis, enhance the student experience, and drive collaborative transformation in sponsor payment processes on campuses.

Real-time visibility and reconciliation

The premier, end-to-end digital reconciliation solution offers real-time visibility into every stage of the payment process. It seamlessly integrates with other payment solutions used by the university, ensuring a streamlined sponsor payment experience.

Centralized information and optimized portal

Create an optimized portal that aligns campuses and sponsors, simplifying payment processes. This single access point improves efficiency and reduces complexity.

Elevated Tech Stack

Provides a modern portal and dedicated digital infrastructure, eliminating the burden of extra spreadsheets and manual tasks. This saves time and improves efficiency for the university.

Transforming Sponsor Engagement: Empowering Dynamic Connections Among Sponsors, Universities, Students and Users

Transact Sponsor Payments connects sponsors, universities, students, and users on a single platform, streamlining communication, reinventing sponsor payment sharing, and improving the overall payment experience. With this solution, higher education institutions can expect strengthened sponsor relationships, reduced administrative burden, and improved student satisfaction.

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