Transact Door Access Control and Security solutions for higher education

In a world where technology is king, leveraging it to improve campus safety is critical. Effortlessly handle your institution's door access and security solution with a safe and mobile-friendly campus experience made for higher education.

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Balancing security and convenience with Gen Z's shifting demands for their college experience

Security on campuses is an exceptionally vital topic today, with safety presenting a distinct challenge for administrators striving to cultivate a welcoming environment while protecting students.  

The heightened emphasis on safety in the past few years has made it a top priority for higher education institutions of all sizes and locations, including urban and rural areas.  

Emerging generations want different things, like ease of movement and convenience, while also demanding a comprehensive approach to provide security.  

Your current door access and security solution may cover essential functions found in general commercial systems. Still, these systems are built as one-size-fits-all and don't meet the specific requirements and needs of the education community. 

So, security managers, IT directors, and decision-makers in the higher education sector face the challenges of security and convenience to address the new demands. 


One centralized door access and security solution

Students can use their phones to enter dorms and buildings, while administrators can track and control access rights.

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Speed up your campus's emergency response

In an emergency, campuses with an integrated security solution and mobile student IDs allow administrators to remotely lock down any connected building on campus—from a desktop or mobile device. With transaction and access data, administrators can keep students safe by locating those in danger or who may pose a threat.

  • Trigger a partial or total lockdown anytime, anywhere from your phone & send alerts to students during emergencies
  • Configurable mobile monitoring, momentary unlock, and lockdown/override options
  • Automatically assign access privileges
  • Provide unlimited schedule exceptions


Integrate with key campus technology systems

With effortless security and door access control, daily life on a Transact-powered campus is more accessible, safe, and convenient.

Integrate with your student information system (SIS), transaction system, housing information system, and credentials, making managing it easier and more efficient.

There's no need to make changes to various systems manually. Our solution works together through modern integration.

  • Integration with existing and critical campus security systems
  • Flexible access settings with door organization and grouping
  • View student campus movement data and place for future events/shifts as needed

Transact: your go-to best partner for modern campus security

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Experts in campus technology

Our focus is on technology solutions for higher education, so we understand the complexities of campus security.  

We are the only card vendor that offers tier 1 S2 support.  

Transact gives administrators better security by automating user setup, managing credentials, and controlling access levels based on student and housing data. 
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1.63M+ Mobile Credentials provisioned

Our NFC-enabled solution enables student ID cards on mobile devices for a contactless experience.  

Mobile Credentials offer many advantages, including greater data security, enhanced access control, and cost-efficient management.  

Transact Mobile Credential works with our Door Access Control and Security solution, allowing administrators to secure their campus quickly. 
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Non-proprietary security eco-system

Transact's hardware-agnostic approach helps campuses unify access and security solutions across different buildings.  

Our partner network consists of over 250 technology partners, including top access control solutions in the industry.  

We can guide you to the right security solutions for your needs.

Transact Door Access Control and Security case study

"Our campus was only interested in a product that would allow our university's Lion Card to communicate seamlessly in real-time and record the data needed."

Jennifer Perry, Manager & Records Retention Officer TAMUC Auxiliary Services

Texas A&M University Commerce challenge:

Texas A&M-Commerce wanted to keep students safe and control access to labs, offices, and sensitive areas on campus. The school wanted to manage costs and link the building to its Lion Card student ID and e-commerce system.

TAMUC implemented an integrated wireless residential door access solution with their campus services:

The Transact Campus ID combines Door Access Control and Security features with our credential management service. It also includes transaction services such as meal plans, laundry, vending, printing, and sales. This integration reduces administrative work and creates a seamless experience for students.

Unlock a safer, mobile-first campus with Transact

Create a safe, secure campus with a versatile, sophisticated, and user-friendly door-access system. Let in those who need entry—keep out those who don't.

School Benefits

  • Flexible access settings with door organization and grouping
  • Configurable mobile monitoring, momentary unlock, and lockdown/override options
  • Integration with existing and critical campus security systems
  • Measure and predict student campus movements

Student Benefits

  • Safer dorms and buildings thanks to authenticated IDs
  • Use Transact Mobile Credential to access any door—no need to carry an extra card
  • Quick, effortless access to buildings and amenities campus-wide
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