Transact Mobile Credential for higher education

Give your school's students what they CRAVE—a fast, secure, student ID card on their mobile devices using NFC-enabled Transact Mobile Credential.

Now, with 1.63+ million Mobile Credentials issued, will your school be next?


The Mobile Credential trend is gaining traction on college campuses

According to Campus ID News, “mobile-driven experiences are becoming a deciding factor in the process of choosing which schools to attend.” Students want greater access to their IDs and expect them to be available digitally. Decision-makers in the higher education sector face the pain point of solving for both security and convenience to address the new demands.  

The shift from physical to mobile ID cards offers many advantages, including enhanced data security, faster transactions, increased access control, less waste, and more cost-efficient management. Making digital IDs a key element in your school’s recruitment and retention strategy will help support departments that have to do more with less while giving students what they want.  

Colleges that don't want to be left in the past are exploring Mobile Credential options to solve for this, and now is the perfect time to consider joining the 133+ institutions that have decided to offer mobile student ID's with Transact Mobile Credential.  


Transact Mobile Credential: simpler, more secure, student-approved

  • Heightens security: Unlike traditional physical cards, launching a secure, NFC-enabled Transact Mobile Credential can’t be replicated.

  • Credentials work beyond a dead/low phone battery:
    • iPhone XS, XS Max or XR models, power reserve is available up to 5 hours when your phone needs to be charged, allowing students to use their mobile credential even with a dead battery.
    • Eligible Samsung phones and watches, users can make up to 15 transactions within 24 hours after their phone or watch powers off due to low battery.

  • Increases efficiency: Staff must accomplish more tasks with fewer resources. Now, your card office can provide 24/7 virtual card access, leaving 77% more open time to students.

  • Meets students’ demands: Studies show students expect the convenience of digital IDs, making Transact Mobile Credential the perfect solution.

  • Boosts enrollment: Yearly enrollment numbers are down—support recruitment and retention by offering a mobile-centric campus experience.

  • Reduces carbon footprint: Replacing printed cards with digital ID's—to date, Transact has saved 5.2 tons+ from entering landfills.  

Meet the needs of your mobile-centric students

Transact Mobile Credential is the first and ONLY campus credential solution provider to offer NFC-enabled contactless mobile IDs in Samsung Wallet™, Apple Wallet™, and Google Wallet™.

Mobile Credential multiple wallets

Transact's NFC-enabled solution can be used across campus

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NFC-powered Mobile Credential is a high priority for Gen Z’ers

Students want more options for paying for things around campus and to have contactless campus-wide access on their mobile devices.

Don't take our word for it—watch this 2-minute video to see how Liberty University rolled out their NFC-enabled Transact Mobile Credential solution named “Flames Pass" to keep up with the times.

What students & schools are saying about Transact Mobile Credential

Student quote
“Mobile Credential is a life-saver! So convenient, especially because I use so many services requiring it.” 
Nicholas Rymarz 
University of Florida 
Man quote
“81% of students at Penn State have provisioned the mobile id+ card.” 
Mike Sherlock, director of Information Technology, Penn State Auxiliary and Business Services

4.8 app rating


NFC wallet Mobile Credential schools are using Transact


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Enable student’s ID cards on their mobile devices for a contactless experience

Just like cards, students can use their Transact Mobile Credential for dining, point of sale, laundry, copy, vending, door access, and more. It’s so convenient. Students just have to tap and go!

School Benefits

  • Full functionality—works just like a physical card
  • Eco-friendly solution—no plastic cards
  • Largest network of third-party partners
  • Remote issuance to provision, update, or revoke credentials in real-time
  • Free dedicated B2C marketing team to create a stress-free onboarding process—from approvals to design to templates

Student Benefits

  • Highly secure technology with NFC-enabled Mobile Credential for Apple, Samsung Wallet™ and Google Wallet™, as well as Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch
  • Faster, more secure transactions with a direct contactless read between the mobile device and reader
  • Ultimate convenience with the option to provision remotely, providing a 24/7 virtual card office
  • Direct access to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline
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Connect us with your card office or credential team to get the conversation going

Let's have a quick 30-minute conversation to learn how your school can join 133+ schools deciding to provide their students more ways to pay for things around campus and have contactless campus-wide access on their mobile phones with Transact Mobile Credential.

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