Apple Wallet User Guide & FAQs

System Requirements

iPhoneiPhone SE, iPhone 6s or later; iOS 15 or later
Apple WatchApple Watch Series 1 or later; Watch OS 5 or later
Apple IDSigned into iCloud. If two devices are used, both must be signed into same iCloud account. 
eAccounts Mobile AppLoaded from Apple App Store by searching Transact eAccounts


Setup for iPhone and Apple Watch Users

Setting Up Mobile ID on iPhone or Apple Watch

  1. Download the Transact eAccounts Mobile app from the App Store to your phone.
  2. Open Transact eAccounts. Click through the startup screens and tap Get Started.
  3. Search for your college or university and click through to your Mobile ID login screen.
  4. Enter your school credentials to authenticate your device. If you have not set up your school credentials, please visit your school website for your ‘Photo Submission/Preparation’ process.
  5. Once you have successfully authenticated in eAccounts, click the Add to Apple Wallet button to add your Mobile ID to Apple Wallet. You can add your student ID to one iPhone and one Apple Watch.
    • Click iPhone and continue through the prompts (Next, Agree to Terms & Conditions).
    • When the process is complete, the app will send a notification to verify your Mobile ID has been added to Wallet.
    • Tap Done in the upper right corner to return to the Home screen of the app.
    • You can now add your Apple Watch using the same process.


Using Mobile ID on Your iPhone

Your iPhone or Apple Watch must be turned on, but it does not have to be connected to a network. For iPhones 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and later, Express Mode allows you to use your Mobile ID without unlocking the device with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. Just tap your device against the reader to recognize your Mobile ID. On iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR Express Mode with power reserve is available for up to five hours after the device’s battery needs to be charged.

  • To display your Mobile ID, open Apple Wallet and select your Mobile ID from your saved cards.
  • To add funds to your accounts in the Transact eAccounts app, first save a payment method at the Transact eAccounts website.  
    • Make a deposit via your desktop or mobile browser.
    • After completing the deposit, there will be an option to save your credit card information.
    • Once you have added the card information on the Transact eAccounts website, that card will be available in the Transact eAccounts app for future deposits. If you have already used Transact eAccounts to access your Mobile ID, you will need to sign out and back in to update the saved payment information.

Contact information for your Student ID Card Office is available from the Mobile ID menu in the Apple Wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing Your Account

Why can't I double-tap the side button with my phone locked to see my balances in Apple Pay?

When using Express Mode (iPhone 6s or later), your Mobile ID will not be displayed with other cards in Apple Wallet for security reasons.

Can I use Mobile ID if my phone's battery is dead?

If you have any of the iPhone XS, XS Max or XR models, yes. Express Mode with power reserve is available for up to five hours when your phone needs to be charged.  (For more details, see Other iPhone models (iPhone 8 and earlier) do not offer this feature.

Setting Up Your Device

How do I check my iPhone device version?

  1. On your device, go to Settings > General > Software Updates.
  2. If your device is running iOS 12.2 or later, you're ready to use the Mobile ID.
  3. If not, tap Download>Install. You may need to enter your passcode to start the update.
  4. Once the download is complete, follow the instructions on your phone to finish upgrading to the latest version of iOS.

How do I check my Apple Watch device and/or software version?

  1. The Series # for your Apple Watch can be found on the back of the Watch.
    • Note: The Series 0 Watch is not eligible for this program.
  2. Instructions for verifying and/or updating your Apple Watch software version can be found at

What if I have questions about my Apple ID or iCloud?

Information can be found at or

How many devices can I add?

You can add one iPhone and one Apple Watch. See the ‘Securing My Account' section if you have lost a device and need to deactivate your credential.

How do I add my Mobile ID to my new iPhone or Apple Watch?

First remove the pass from your old device from Apple Wallet.  Once removed, go to the e-accounts app on your new iPhone and follow the steps to add to Apple Wallet.

Managing Your Account

Do I need to reactivate my devices each term?

No. As long as your enrollment status meets our eligibility requirements, devices you have enrolled will remain current. For security purposes, we may deactivate devices that have not been used for an extended period. You can re-enroll those devices whenever you wish.

What if I am away from campus for the semester and I don't want my Mobile ID on my device? Can I delete and re-add it later?

Yes, you can remove your credential from Apple Wallet, and re-add it when you return.

To remove your Mobile ID, navigate to the Wallet app, tap (…), and select Remove Card.

To remove your Apple Watch credential, navigate to the Watch app on your Phone, scroll to the bottom and select Wallet & Apple Pay. Tap on your Mobile ID scroll to the bottom and select Remove Card.

*To add credentials back onto your device, you must meet eligibility requirements and not have exceeded the device limit for your Mobile ID.

Can I delete my Mobile ID from Apple Wallet through the Transact eAccounts mobile app?

Yes, but we recommend using the Remove Card option directly from Apple Wallet.

From iPhone:

  1. Navigate to the Wallet app.
  2. Tap (…) in the lower right corner of your card.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Remove Card.
  4. Eligible cardholders who have not exceeded their device limit can add their Mobile ID back at any time.


From Apple Watch:

  1. Navigate to the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and select Wallet & Apply Pay.
  3. Tap on Transact Mobile Credential.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and select Remove Card.
  5. Eligible cardholders who have not exceeded their device limit can add their Mobile ID back at any time.


I got a new iPhone. Will my Mobile ID automatically transfer?

No it will not automatically transfer. You will need to remove your Mobile ID from your old device before adding it to your new device. You can also remove your Mobile ID from, which will allow you to remove all passes in your Apple Wallet.