Transact Campus + Luxer One®

24/7 on-campus contactless smart locker access and delivery solutions for higher education

Together, we're improving how students receive packages

Students lined up waiting for packages

Balancing student ordering expectations and staff resources

Ordering online has never been simpler for students—they can buy whatever they want, whenever, and from any location.

When students order, delivery speed is one of their biggest priorities.  

However, students expecting deliveries often need more flexible pickup hours—long lines or unattended packages can be frustrating. The constant influx of packages today overwhelms university mailrooms, causing immense frustration among students. 

Contactless smart locker access—the solution campuses need

With Transact Campus & Luxer One, campus staff can fulfill more daily orders and requests. Students can coordinate item pickups at a convenient time in their busy schedules.

Student in front of Luxer One Lockers

The Transact + Luxer One solution enables campus-wide use

Backpack and Guitar case

Short-term storage

Campus themed sweat shirt

Campus store pickup

IT Desk

IT department

Stack of Books

Book exchange


Peer-to-peer exchange

Stack of boxes

Package pickup

Integrate with Campus ID

Allow students to use Transact Mobile Credential or their student ID card to access parcel lockers. It's that easy!

Simplify daily operations

Reduce the burden on administrative staff and enable efficient management of daily operations while providing a secure, automated parcel delivery exchange.

Full-campus solution

We'll provide an on-campus solution, including hardware, software, installation, service, support, and pickup.

Tap into key campus technology systems

Our solution works with internal inventory systems—giving 24-hour access to textbooks, materials, tablets, computers, and AV equipment.

Streamline package delivery with Transact Mobile Credential

Students can use their NFC-enabled Transact Mobile Credential for Samsung Wallet™, Apple Wallet™, or Google Wallet™ to lock and unlock parcel lockers across campus 24/7. This provides a secure way for students to access their packages without having to worry about them getting stolen.

Student getting package

Contactless package delivery

An onboard touchscreen delivers items to secure lockers.

Phone with notification

Push notifications

Luxer One sends out alters via email or SMS notifications.

Mobile credential on phone

Integrated with Campus Credentials

Students can open lockers using their Transact Mobile Credential or a student ID card.

Student picking up package

Contactless pickup

That's it—grab the package and go!

Package pickup with Luxer One

4.8/5 Google resident favorite1


Luxer One deliveries and counting1

15-20 hours

Per week saved for Mailroom staff 1


Average delivery time per package1


Improvement in pickup times and efficiency1

1+ Hours

Per day saved for Point of Sale1

Customize the right solution for your campus

Select from four standard colors offered by Luxer One. Or go bold with custom trim pieces, colors, full wraps, and add your campuses branding.

  • Understanding the size of packages shipped today is the beginning of achieving 100% package acceptance.
  • 320+ million deliveries—Luxer One designed their locker towers with the right configurations
  • Luxer One also offers modular locker towers that are easy to move and reconfigure for any location.
Luxer One Lockers

See how your campus can offer contactless smart locker access and delivery solutions

Reach out to start a conversation about your needs and ideas for the perfect locker installation for your campus. We'll collaborate to create a solution that meets your needs and optimizes your school's unique environment.

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