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Mobile Ordering integration built for higher education

Give your school's students what they CRAVE — a fast, secure ordering experience from their mobile phones

#1 college students frustration is not being able to pay for food on a mobile phone

The trend toward mobile ordering is gaining traction on college campuses

Our study revealed that the biggest frustration for college students on campus is the inability to pay for tuition or food through a mobile device.

Campus ID News agrees, stating, "Mobile-driven experiences are becoming a deciding factor in the process of choosing which schools to attend."

Our research also confirms this, with 72% of students feeling the same way.

To stay up-to-date, colleges are now exploring mobile ordering for their college campuses to address this issue.

With dining programs becoming a significant recruitment tool and a deciding factor for students, it's the perfect time to consider joining the 206+ institutions and 1,973+ locations implementing Transact Mobile Ordering.

Integrated with our Transact Campus Commerce platform

Transact Mobile Ordering is an extension of our Transact Campus Commerce platform—enabling one place to manage transactions, items, pricing, and reporting.

We specifically designed our cloud-native solution to cater to the needs of higher education retail operations.

Transact Cloud POS + Transact Mobile Ordering streamlines the process of accepting contactless payments across campus and offers the following features:

  • Designed specifically for the uniquely high throughput of the campus dining operation
  • Seamlessly interoperates with in-person point-of-sale and kiosk options  
  • Easily manage menu items in one place  
  • Allows students to pay with their stored value accounts, credit cards, and meal plans 
  • Ticket support for registers, kiosks, mobile ordering 
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Leverage your campus's current investments

With our robust hardware and software partner ecosystem, you can tap into existing kitchen displays and receipt printers.

Keep data secure

Security is top of mind as we are in the top 3% of most secure companies in the industry. Transact Mobile Ordering meets or exceeds all industry-standard compliance requirements such as SOC2, PCI, and others as verified by independent 3rd-party auditors.

Reduce IT staff involvement in POS university management

Manual processes and outdated tools make maintaining integrations and on-premises software time-consuming and drain IT resources. Reduce the time and money spent on daily operations and on-premises services and create continuous custom integration.

Robust reporting capabilities that provide detailed insights and analytics

Our dashboard lets users access reports easily and incorporates a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Staff get detailed data metrics and analysis with customized reports, like cohort analysis, messaging, upsell conversions, and menu browsing behavior.

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Built by and for higher education

Our solution integrates with existing infrastructure and operational flow of higher education institutions, providing minimal disruption and maximum adoption. Moreover, it provides a mobile-first approach that enables students to conveniently access campus services and make purchases using their mobile devices.

Group of users

No fee to the user

Campuses have the option to add these fees as needed.

Computer with simple interface icon

Simple interface system

Online ordering is in every part of student's lives — we are extending mobile ordering to your campus.

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Campus-branded app

Your school controls the entire experience.

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Event management & registrations

Our platform goes beyond college dining — spreading the cost of mobile ordering across departments.

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Increased student engagement & satisfaction

Encourage feedback with a mobile rating prompt or in-app call-to-action.

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4.7 App Rating

Our mobile app's user-friendly interface has received the highest rating among higher education mobile ordering apps, with over 33K ratings.

Laptop showing reporting

Configure schedules and throttle order limits for a streamlined experience

Our dashboard provides you with real-time reporting, allowing you to track and analyze aspects of your campus operations easily. This gives you access to business intelligence and critical insights into the performance of your dining locations.

You can leverage this data to set order throttling based on the time of day and the number of orders received. This helps ensure that your students receive accurate wait times and your kitchen staff don't get overwhelmed with orders.

Transact Mobile Ordering provides modern business tools to grow your campus revenue

With Transact Mobile Ordering, you can upsell, cross-sell, create promotions, and incentivize student purchases with loyalty and reward programs.

Universities using our solution have seen up to 15% increase in sales.

Students can earn points for accessing services across campus—from dining, campus store, retail purchases, event tickets, athletic centers, parking fees, and more.

Universiteies using our soluiton have seen a 15% increase in sales
Amazon JWO

Transact has integrated with Amazon to bring frictionless shopping to campus stores

Bring Just Walk Out technology by Amazon to your campus with Transact Mobile Ordering.

Drive revenue and reduce costs with new insights on how products are considered, picked up, returned to shelf, and purchased across all your Just Walk Out technology by Amazon stores.

Just Walk Out technology is the most convenient way for students and other customers to shop at campus retail locations. Plus, it’s fast, secure, and easy to learn.

Transact Mobile Ordering case study

“Students love Mobile Ordering! It's new technology that increases the speed of service by placing their order next in queue…they just eat it up and keep the campus in the right direction in terms of innovation."

Jessica Buffington, Card Service Manager, University of North Georgia

University of North Georgia challenge:

The University of North Georgia needed a comprehensive solution that'd provide an effortless shopping experience for students while also streamlining back-office operations across all campus locations.

Being a long-time client of Transact, UNG wanted to incorporate a mobile ordering option that could easily integrate with their existing Transaction System.

UNG chose Transact because it was easy to use, had no advertising from outside vendors, and could be customized in-house without relying on a third party.

UNG deployed Transact Cloud Point-of-Sale (POS) and real-time Mobile Ordering across all 5 campuses:

In two months, UNG successfully implemented a single cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) solution that maximized efficiency for all campus locations and enhanced student convenience with real-time mobile ordering.

UNG's dining improvements increased service speed by 10–15 seconds per transaction, which led to a 15% increase in sales during the Fall semester of 2019.

Go cashless and allow students to order anytime, anywhere

Support the busy lives of students by offering mobile ordering from any campus location. Let students personalize orders, select from various payment options, and choose pickup times that fit their unique schedules—all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

School Benefits

  • Maximize activity/revenue at on-campus dining facilities
  • Increase student satisfaction and engagement
  • Support a contactless experience for your students
  • Boost the image of the school with innovative services
  • Upsell, cross-sell, create promotions, and incentivize student purchases
  • Create opportunities for schools to penetrate new markets and industries that are primarily web-based such as events, giving campus administrators and sellers a competitive edge with our Web Ordering integration

Student Benefits

  • Ability to customize orders from on-campus locations
  • Enable contactless ordering and pickup with optional third-party locker integration
  • Receive notifications during every step of the ordering process—wait times, delivery, and pickup
  • Review nutritional information
  • Earn loyalty points and receive notifications of special student benefits and offers

Staff Benefits

Our web-based ordering platform allows you to place your order from your desktop computer easily. Designed with staff and professors in mind, our web-ordering solution complements our iOS/Android apps. This means that faculty and staff can save time between classes for grading, student meetings, and other important tasks by using the web version of our ordering app.

  • Easily reconcile all web-based transactions to Transact Cloud POS
  • Require no added configuration, use existing locations and menus, and easily enable with a toggle
  • Add convenience by extending ordering options to any web browser with a familiar user experience
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See how your campus can benefit from Transact Mobile Ordering

Let's schedule a 30-minute conversation to discuss how mobile ordering can significantly enhance campus recruitment, drive revenue growth, and boost student engagement.

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