Transact Cloud POS

Cloud-native point-of-sale (POS) system built for higher education

One centralized cloud-native platform for processing all on-campus dining and retail payments


Use our cloud-based POS system to meet mobile-centric student expectations and maximize staff resources

Schools face pressure to increase efficiency, address staff shortages, and fulfill students' demands for a connected campus.

 66% the percentage that companies will direct their spending on application software toward cloud tech (1)
 82% of business officers feel their institutions will be in worse financial shape in 1 year
72% of all students say that technology is important when deciding where to attend

Provide a modern, mobile-friendly experience

Colleges are facing declining nationwide enrollment because of ongoing cultural shifts, alternatives to higher education, and higher earning potential without a degree. Differentiate your institution and provide your students with contactless and mobile ordering options, cashierless checkout experience, and more.

Lower operating costs and total cost of ownership

Use one platform to manage campus dining and retail operations and reporting. This saves time and resources.

Our system manages all cash registers across the campus, including stores, restaurants, food trucks, stands, and other establishments

Keep data secure

Security is top of mind as we are in the top 3% of the most secure companies in the industry. Transact Cloud POS meets or exceeds all industry-standard compliance requirements such as SOC2, ADA, PCI, and others as verified by independent 3rd-party auditors.

Reduce IT staff involvement in POS university management

Manual processes and outdated tools make maintaining integrations and on-premises software time-consuming and drain IT resources. Reduce the time and money spent on daily operations and on-premises services and create configurable integration.

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Transact Cloud POS for higher education

Transact Cloud POS is a solution specifically designed to cater to the needs of higher education retail operations. With over 450 institutions relying on it, it offers a seamless integration of campus technology to provide a connected experience.  

Our solution streamlines the process of accepting contactless payments across campus and offers the following features: 

  • College branding for a consistent experience  
  • Validation of the student ID for transactions 
  • Works seamlessly with Transact Mobile Ordering as one Transact Campus Commerce platform 
  • Works with multiple types of cash registers, card readers, self-service machines, mobile devices, kitchen printers, and screens 
  • Open-loop payment capability 
  • Easy integration with other commerce partners, inventory modules, self-service kiosks, including Amazon Just Walk Out, and more 
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Transact Mobile Ordering

Paying for food on- or off-campus through a mobile device is a high priority for Gen Z students.

In fact, according to our research study, it's college students' #1 frustration on campus. 72% of students reported technology is an important factor.

This means your dining program has become a significant recruitment tool and a deciding factor in where students want to attend.

Join 194+ institutions and 1,973+ locations leading the way in giving their students the campus experience they CRAVE with Transact Mobile Ordering.

#1 college students frusturation is not being able to pay for food on mobile phone
Amazon JWO

Transact has integrated with Amazon to bring frictionless shopping to campus stores

Bring Just Walk Out technology by Amazon to your campus with Transact Mobile Ordering.

Drive revenue and reduce costs with new insights on how products are considered, picked up, returned to shelf, and purchased across all your Just Walk Out technology by Amazon stores.

Accessible, customizable, and intuitive reporting

Quickly access real-time insights with our custom dashboard. Intuitive reporting lets you measure your dining locations' performance at a glance.

With over 60 standard reports, you can quickly track and analyze various aspects of your campus operations. You can customize reports to meet your specific needs, providing easy access to the information that matters most.

Accessible reporting

Transact Cloud POS case study

"We appreciate Transact’s willingness to be flexible and professional when addressing our requests."
Maggie McCarthy, System Administrator, University of Montana

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Increased campus card transactions by 13%

Transact Cloud POS provided customers with new open-check functionality for tipping and running tabs

Icon of mobile phone

Identified trends in busiest times of service

Improved student experience for campus food trucks, grab-and-go market, and award-winning grill restaurant

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Improved speed of service and transactions

Our cloud-based solution processes point-of-sale transactions every 4.6 seconds with increased efficiency

The University of Montana challenge:

The University of Montana (UM) employs over 40 students at its grab-and-go market and about 20 students at the award-winning Iron Griz Grill. To improve student dining, UM needed a solution that would generate several improvements:

  • Increase the speed of service at dining locations across campus
  • Provide open-check functionality for tipping and running tabs
  • Enhance the student experience with campus food trucks

The entire UM campus implemented our Transact Cloud POS software:

Transact launched a versatile point-of-sale solution, Transact Cloud POS, made for universities and considering all their needs. This allowed UM to improve student dining by removing obstacles that reduced dining service revenue.

Personalized support solutions for maximizing campus operations

We've enhanced our support solutions for Transact Campus Commerce products to help you maximize your investment and address any knowledge gaps you may have. Our team provides you with high-level support, and we're here to collaborate with you to achieve your campus goals. 

Whether you are a new customer looking for additional assistance or a long-time user seeking to update your strategy, we can help. Our upgraded support solutions include a dedicated support engineer, priority phone queue, and more, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently


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Streamline the acceptance of contactless payments across campus

Transact Cloud POS makes your job easier while delivering a feature-rich shopping experience for your students. It's highly scalable and can be used in quick-service restaurants, concessions, fine dining, and store operations. Transact's industry-leading suite of point-of-sale solutions improves sales, order fulfillment, and inventory tracking. It also leverages the latest payment security technology to provide secure transactions.

School Benefits

  • One unified solution to process, prioritize, and fulfill any retail transaction from any supported device
  • Exportable data for easy accounting
  • On-the-fly scheduling and menu changes across all ordering channels
  • Intuitive dashboard for viewing 60+ standard reports

Student Benefits

  • Convenient and seamless mobile payment experience across campus
  • Multiple payment options that include debit card, credit card and Campus ID accounts
  • Choose the way you want to order: cashier, mobile ordering, or kiosk
  • Reduced wait times and faster transaction processing
  • Enhanced financial management and visibility of transactions
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