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Support offerings providing training, consulting, and technical services tailored to meet your campus's unique needs and goals.

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Maximize staff resources and meet mobile-centric student expectations

According to Insider's Higher Ed Survey of College and University Business Officers, 82% of business officers feel their schools will be in worse financial shape in 1 year due to inflationary pressures. 
This puts immense pressure on institutions to improve their operational efficiency while dealing with staffing shortages, budget cuts, and turnovers, all while meeting the expectations of students looking for a more connected, mobile-centric campus experience. 
Transact Campus Commerce offers support solutions to help your team streamline day-to-day tasks and provide a single point of contact for any problems. This ensures that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


New to Transact Campus Commerce?

A dedicated support engineer can work closely with your campus to help you get the most out of your Transact Campus Commerce instance right from the start. We can assist you with the onboarding process, ensuring an effortless transition and providing ongoing support and guidance for efficient day-to-day operations.  
Whether you need help with system configuration, integration with other tools, or any other aspect of your Transact Campus Commerce implementation, we're here to help. We aim to help optimize your instance to meet your specific needs and improve your overall experience.

Been with us for a while?

If you are a seasoned partner with Transact Campus Commerce and looking to enhance your current strategy, fill any staffing gaps you may have, or train new team members on your support operations, a dedicated support engineer can help.  
We can help you optimize your operations, streamline your processes, and achieve your business goals promptly and efficiently. 

Discover your perfect Transact Campus Commerce support fit—comprehensive support solutions for maximizing campus operations

Developed from more than 20 years of proven best practices, our high-touch support plans Transact Platinum+ and Transact Hospitality Suite for Transact Campus Commerce products will help you bring your team up to speed.

Transact Platinum+

Transact Platinum+ is a service designed specifically for advanced users who require complex functionality support and proactive assistance. 
The service provides a dedicated Technical Support Engineer who will help with complex issues, train staff, offer proactive services, conduct quarterly business reviews, and provide personalized expertise throughout the process.

Transact Hospitality Suite

Transact Hospitality Suite is a support plan designed for campuses with high employee turnover that need their Transact Campus Commerce solutions to operate without interruption. 
This plan helps clients create an intuitive experience from scratch while providing them with a dedicated support engineer to fill any knowledge gaps. Transact Hospitality Suite offers comprehensive support for campuses, regardless of the user's level of expertise.

Compare plans and featuresBaseTransact Platinum+Transact Hospitality Suite
Technical support during normal client support hours   
24x7x365 emergency outage support   
Special events support   
Phone queue priority   
Extended hours of support   
Transact Assist training and maintenance hours 5 hours quarterly10 hours quarterly
Support appointment scheduling   
Assigned senior dedicated support engineer   
Quarterly support check-in and review   
Slack channel integration   
Rapid deployment assistance   
30-minute response for business-stopping issues   
Schedule phone appointments through Calendly   

What institutions are saying about Transact Campus Commerce team and support plans


“Hunter has been outstanding; he has always been proactive and has been persistent in investigating and solving issues for us. He has excellent communication and has always kept us updated.”

Jeff Mah, Systems Administrator 2, Information Technology at UCLA


"William has been extremely helpful and responsive when we have a question. He is very thorough and provides us with documentation which is appreciated. Cloud POS (CPOS) is still new to us and though we have picked up the pace, we are still at a bit of a learning curve disadvantage. It is a relief to know that we can reach out to your expert team. With that stated, I know that I can depend on and trust William for his technical support and expert knowledge."

Cheryl Brown, SBCC Fiscal Services, Food Service & School of Culinary Art Accountant, at Santa Barbara City College

Tulsa Logo

"Jacob is Awesome, he's been great helping me with so many issues. He's always positive and quick to respond."

Ben Lange-Smith, Associate Director of Resident Dining, Retail & Technology at Sodexo for The University of Tulsa

Sanford Health Logo

"Jermaine, he's awesome. He's very helpful and always very transparent letting me/us know ahead of time what he can or can't do or who we need to contact inside of Transact. He's great to work with. No cons, all positives!"

Robert Edmonds, Applications Administrator, IT Business Department Applications at Sanford Health Technology Solutions

Stanford Medicine Logo

"I put in a request for help on a self-order kiosk that had an issue with a portion of the screen no longer reacting to touch. Jermaine promptly responded with requests for information he needed to move the case forward, just minutes later he had the vendor's support team on the phone and conferences me in to get the case either resolved or to get them to dispatch a technician if necessary (under warranty) to get us fixed. This is not just one instance, but this is a regular occurrence of how Jermaine performs as my Platinum + Engineer."

Jay Booney, Assistant Director Auxiliary Services at Mercer University

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