Transact Announces Next Mobile Credential Innovation: Transact Mobile Credential for Google Pay

Using Mobile Student IDs on Google Pay, students, faculty, and staff can easily access facilities and make payments at locations on and around campus

PHOENIX, AZ, January 7, 2020 -- Transact today announced Transact Mobile Credential for Google Pay on Android mobile phones. Transact Mobile Credential support for campus IDs in Google Pay creates a seamless experience for students navigating campus by offering secure access to facilities, residence halls, and more, as well as payments for dining, laundry, vending, and retail.

Transact is once again the first campus credential solution provider to offer native NFC contactless mobile IDs, this time leveraging Google Pay on Android which runs on billions of devices worldwide. Today's mobile-savvy college students will no longer need to carry and manage multiple credentials when navigating campus.

Students using Android mobile phones with Google Pay will simply present their phones to NFC-enabled readers on campus to conduct transactions that are secure and frictionless. Transact Mobile Credential also provides students the same Mobile Credential provisioning and usage experience on campus, regardless of which Android phone they are using.

Fifteen institutions plan to deliver Transact Mobile Credential for Google Pay in the initial roll out, including Arkansas State University, Chowan University, College of Coastal Georgia, Duke University, Georgetown University, Hamilton College, Johns Hopkins University, Marshall University, Mercer University, Roanoke College, St. Edward’s University, South Dakota State University, Temple University, The University of Alabama, and University of New Brunswick.

“Our NFC-enabled Transact Mobile Credential is already being used by nearly 80% of eligible users on campus since its launch. Today, through continuous innovation and a collaborative working relationship with an amazing tech leader like Google, we are proud to announce support for Google Pay,” said David Marr, CEO of Transact. “We wake up every day focused on making a meaningful difference for both our clients and the students they serve. Our support for Google Pay is just another example of this focused commitment and the second landmark example in just over a year.”

“We are excited to bring the Transact Mobile Credential for Google Pay solution to our campus community,” said Cindy Leavitt, Vice President and CIO at Temple University. “Our students, faculty, and staff make their own choices about the types of devices they want to use, and we’re committed to having an excellent user experience for everyone.”

Institutions using Transact's NFC-enabled equipment and an array of third-party NFC devices can leverage these investments to facilitate a variety of mobile ID transactions across campus, including at dining halls, athletic facilities, libraries, campus events, bookstores, laundry rooms, or off campus where student IDs are accepted. In addition, students will also use this single, NFC-enabled Mobile Credential for secure access to facilities including residence halls. 

"We look forward to working with Transact to bring the speed and simplicity of Google Pay to campuses across the US,” said Ambarish Kenghe, Director of Product Management for Google Pay.

“We are thrilled to be one of the first schools in the country to deploy Transact Mobile Credential for Google Pay,” said Sheryl Puckett, Director of Card Services at Arkansas State University. “Partnering with Transact has been vital in our journey towards ubiquitous support for mobile credential use all across campus. They continue to be the market leader for mobile solutions, being first to market in their support of Transact Mobile Credential for Google Pay.”

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