Transact Announces 2020 Distinction Award Winners

Six U.S. universities recognized for their commitment to continuous innovation of technology, campus experiences

PHOENIX, AZ (April 23, 2020) — Transact Campus Inc. has announced the winners of the Transact Distinction Awards, a program recognizing higher education institutions for their commitment to innovation, improving the student experience, and promotion of technological advances. 

“Our clients are critical in driving innovation, leveraging our technology in ways never imagined, and curating an individualized student experience that best reflects the institution’s brand,” said David Marr, CEO of Transact. “The Distinction Awards are an opportunity for us to acknowledge their efforts and commitment to their  students, families, faculty, staff, and visitors.” 

Clients using Transact’s Payments or Privileges solutions were nominated for three award categories: Innovation, Marketing & Outreach, and Student Experience. The 2020 Transact Distinction Award winners are: 

Distinction Award for Innovation: This award is for institutions who are on the forefront of campus technology innovation. It recognizes campuses who have developed and implemented high impact technology strategies that scale. 

  • Payments winner: Kansas State University
  • Privileges winner: Xavier University 

Distinction Award for Innovation: This award honors those institutions whose technological innovations have markedly improved the total student experience. This includes their addressing of new and changing dynamics in fields such as student recruitment, engagement, and retention.

  • Payments winner: California State University Northridge  
  • Privileges winner: Santa Clara University 

Distinction Award for Marketing & Outreach: This award honors those institutions who have creatively and effectively promoted their technological advances on campus. Awardees will have used a variety of marketing efforts to enhance the visibility and value of campus credentials, flexible payment solutions, or other technology initiatives that elevate the institution’s brand while driving adoption and usage of the technology among students.

  • Payments winner: Delgado Community College 
  • Privileges winner: University of Alabama 

“At Delgado Community College, we are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals by offering flexible payment plan options,” said Amy Laszcz from Delgado Community College. “We leveraged a variety of Transact’s resources and incorporated them in our student outreach to make it as easy as possible for students to understand their student account and offer students payment options that work for them.”

Recognized for the innovation category, Jennifer Paiotti from Xavier University shares, "This school year, we were able to provide a frictionless experience utilizing Transact products in unconventional ways. Our course materials program, Day One, combines multiple Transact products, including their Mobile Ordering tool with other campus partners such as Follett, our campus bookstore partner. Through numerous technologies geared toward our student experience, we can provide students with their required course materials in record time before the first day of classes."

About Transact
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