Transact Announces Nacha WEB Debit Account Validation Rule Preparedness

Company Fulfills New Regulatory Requirement One Year Early

PHOENIX, AZ (March 17, 2021)Transact, the leader in innovative payment solutions for a connected campus, today announced it has completed preparation for a new National Automated Clearing House Association (Nacha) WEB Debit Account Validation Rule that requires bank account number validation to be a mandatory part of fraudulent transaction detection when processing ACH payments. The Rule was originally scheduled to go into effect on March 19, 2021, before a one-year, COVID-related delay. Transact elected to keep the original schedule and is fully compliant one year early.

Transact partnered with MicroBilt, a Nacha-approved commercial validation service, to fulfill the new regulatory requirements. By introducing this account number validation process, Transact will help reduce returned transactions and provide a more streamlined experience for students with real-time notifications and account processing.

“Our early preparation for these changes helped us fulfill this new mandate on the original compliance timeline,” said Laura Newell-McLaughlin, Chief of Staff, Transact. “We are thrilled that we are activating the global account validation process in our systems this month, a full year ahead of the regulatory requirement.”

At the end of 2020, Transact introduced features for ACH validation, real-time messaging and notification, as well as user interface updates as part of the preparation for the upcoming Nacha changes. This first step toward meeting the new mandate was not activated for production at that time; it will be deployed to production environments and available on March 19, 2021.

“MicroBilt is pleased to partner with Transact on their use of our Risk Verify Database to comply with the newly mandated Nacha WEB Debit Account Validation Rule,” said Dave King, senior vice president, MicroBilt Corporation. “We pride ourselves on developing unique products to help our customers meet their compliance needs in our ever changing and challenging regulatory environment.”

In fall 2020, Transact successfully completed its Nacha ACH Rules Compliance Audit that confirmed compliance with Nacha rules for safeguarding customers’ sensitive financial and non-financial data and ensuring ACH transactions are handled smoothly and securely.

For more information and FAQs about the new WEB Debit Account Validation Rule, click here.

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