Transact Announces Transact 360° Distinction Award Winners

Company Honors Institutions Who Are Passionate About Using Technology to Better Their Campus Experiences

PHOENIX, AZ (March 18, 2021) Transact, the leader in integrated campus payment, ID and commerce solutions, today announced the winners of its Transact 360 o Distinction Awards. Announced live during yesterday’s virtual Transact 360o Annual Users Conference, the awards honor those who are passionate about using technology to better their campus experiences.

The Distinction Award for Student Experience honors institutions whose technological innovations have markedly improved the total student experience. This includes addressing new and changing dynamics in fields such as student recruitment, engagement, and retention.

  • Bentley University received the Distinction Award for Student Experience in Payments. The Bentley team and their Workday integrator, Alchemy, were recognized for advancing and expanding the Transact Payments Workday Student Information System interface offering to make their student experience more seamless.
  • Mid-Plains Community College received the Distinction Award for Student Experience in Campus ID and Commerce Solutions. Mid-Plains Community College was recognized for investing in a full and extensive solution to dramatically impact the student day-to-day experience. Mid-Plains will be the first Community College to deploy the Mobile Credential.

The Distinction Award for Marketing and Outreach honors institutions who have creatively and effectively promoted their technological advances on campus. Using a variety of marketing efforts to enhance the visibility and value of campus credentials, flexible payment solutions, or other technology initiatives, these institutions elevate their brand while driving adoption and usage of the technology among students.

  • Molloy College received the Distinction Award for Marketing and Outreach in Payments. Molloy was recognized for running an integrated marketing plan with Transact’s Full Service Payment Plan. The combination of multi-touch marketing generated tremendous results: student payment plan enrollments were up 500% in 2020, compared to 2019.
  • Texas Tech University received the Distinction Award for Marketing and Outreach in Campus ID and Commerce Solutions. Hospitality Services at Texas Tech was recognized for completing a system migration that included the deployment of more than 75 point-of-sale registers and kiosks, and 35 Transact Mobile Ordering locations. Hospitality Services at Texas Tech created several marketing campaigns across campus to drive the students to the mobile ordering app, and as a result, they processed 325,000 mobile ordering transactions since the beginning of the semester and ensured students were fed safely.

The Distinction Award for Innovation honors institutions who are on the forefront of campus technology innovation. It recognizes campuses who have developed and implemented high impact technology strategies that scale and that have had a measurable effect on the student experience.

  • Virginia Tech received the Distinction Award for Innovation in Payments. VA Tech was recognized for using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and bot technology in conjunction with the Transact Integrated Payments solution, to help the university’s administrative areas increase process efficiency, data quality, and overall agility. This innovation allows them to process transactions in the Cashier’s Office automatically from bank statement activities, to process late fee appeals, and to post the waiver transaction to the student account. VA Tech is developing other bot usage, including automating accounts payable invoice processing and recording outside scholarships.
  • Oral Roberts University received the Distinction Award for Innovation in Campus ID and Commerce Solutions. Oral Roberts was recognized for its Human-Ware Data Science Project that seeks to better understand the academic, physical, and human behaviors of students for success. Using a Transact server tie-in with academic and other data, the university can predict retention with 80% accuracy. As a result, Oral Roberts is now ranked fourth in the nation for student engagement and has a 99.4% placement rating of students.

“Congratulations to all of our 2021 Distinction Award winners. It is a privilege to recognize you for bringing excellence, leadership, and continuous innovation to your work,” said Rachael Sepcic, Vice President, Transact. “Once again, I am blown away by our clients and all they are doing to continuously improve the service to their students, families, faculty, campus staff, and visitors.”

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