Transact Partners with ELATEC to Offer TWN4 MultiTech RFID Reader for Secure ID, Print and Copy Management

Phoenix, AZ, March 10, 2022Transact today announced a partnership with leading global provider of RFID products, software and services, ELATEC , to provide the OEM approved universal TWN4 MultiTech NFC and RFID reader, which is compatible with all Transact credentials.

The universal compatibility of the Elatec reader will enable students to use their Transact Mobile Credential and Campus ID cards for contactless transactions across their campus. The technology streamlines activities including tasks like document printing and copies, parking and dorm access, purchases at vending machines and retail locations, time and attendance, and locker use. Integrating ELATEC’s flexible RFID technology and services will immediately expand the number of peripheral devices that interact seamlessly with Transact’s credentials.

The Elatec TWN4 MultiTech Reader is “purpose built” for use in secure print applications and has been tested, validated, and approved for use by all major multi-function printer manufacturers for secure print and copy management solutions. In addition, the TWN4 MultiTech reader with the AVT option ensures a quick integration process and assures support for Transact Credentials including Mifare, DESFire EV1 and EV2, Apple Wallet and Google Pay mobile credentials. Powerful and flexible, it is a universal NFC and RFID reader capable of reading all major RFID technologies worldwide.

The TWN4 MultiTech offers “plug and play” operation that simplifies integration with multi-function printers and other devices to provide a convenient and secure user identification and access control interface. The reader’s Apple Wallet option with Transact mode (AVT) supports Transact’s hard and mobile credentials.

“ELATEC offers simple, secure and versatile product solutions for practically any access control application, along with the knowledge and support to implement them for Transact credentials," said Rasheed Behrooznia, vice president Campus ID Solutions, Transact.  "Transact is dedicated to offering the latest and greatest technological solutions. We’re excited to include Elatec in the growing list of Transact’s more than 270 partners.”

“We are pleased to integrate with Transact Campus and their significant, transferable user base,” said Paul Massey, CEO, ELATEC Inc. “We are committed to providing technology that is safe, reliable and future-proof to our customers and their users, and to delivering a superior authentication experience for Transact.”

About Transact

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ELATEC specializes in advanced, contactless user authentication and access control solutions. The company is an international leader in multi-frequency/multi-standard RFID / NFC / BLE readers. The company was founded in 1988 and currently has nineteen locations worldwide. ELATEC Inc's headquarters are in Palm City, Florida and ELATEC GmbH's headquarters are in Munich, Germany.  Visit our website at

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