Transact Campus Revs Up Its R&D Accelerator in Ireland’s Historic Gardens International Center, Showplace of Limerick 2030

New Transact International Headquarters In Mid-West Ireland Provides The Latest Form Of Hybrid Work Flexibility For A Multi-National Team

Phoenix, AZ – November 10, 2022Transact Campus, (“Transact”) the  award-winning leader in innovative mobile credential and payment solutions, is thriving in the advanced R&D accelerator that was inaugurated last spring. Located in Ireland’s historic Gardens International Center in Limerick, showplace of the Limerick 2030 program, the IDA Industrial Development Agency of Ireland supported the digital campus project center as part of the ambitious economic development program for the city of Limerick and in partnership with the academic programs at the University of Limerick. The Transact European headquarters has responsibility for shaping and developing its entire portfolio of products and services for a connected campus.

The state-of-the-art renovations in the historic Gardens International Center provide the Transact team with the latest advances for flexible workspace. The innovative Limerick facility inspires creativity, and the adoption of hybrid working – the advantages of working in a traditional office setting, and the flexibility of work-from-home – provides a work-life balance that delivers an employee experience that serves the company well for employee satisfaction and retention. The new hybrid working model is purpose built into the redesigned building that sets the bar for world-class sustainability standards. And the Gardens location in an exciting, developing neighborhood is a dynamic work destination for staff — an imperative in today’s competitive employment market.

Celebrating six months at the LEED Gold certified Gardens International site in the heart of Limerick City, John Gleeson, GM of Transact Limerick, said, “This location, with its setting in the city center and proximity to advanced education programs, provides cutting edge design and features for our young, diverse, and creative R&D team. It is the perfect landing strip for our Arizona headquartered company as we expand in Europe.”

The innovative tech ecosystem in the city of Limerick, including the new Immersive Software Engineering programme (ISE) at the University of Limerick (UL), is revolutionizing how software engineering is taught. New residency-style programs have adopted the familiar medical school model that puts students in a hospital work environment for training. Applying the same philosophy of hands-on field training to software engineering is a breakthrough that fast-tracks student learning and advances their ability to make an immediate impact on product design and development when they join a company. Transact leaders have joined the UL ISE advisory board, recognizing it as the most innovative development in software engineering education globally.

“The company has established its Irish operations in a very competitive recruitment market. In Limerick, the innovative educational institutions have created a tech center that is ideal for professional development, and the facilities and location are ideal for the hybrid working model that has become the new normal,” said Nancy Langer, CEO, Transact. “This inspiring and sustainable workspace in the historic center of Limerick will attract the regional talent who are integral to our success. This is one of the most exciting workplaces in Limerick and in Ireland.”

"We are delighted to have Transact Campus join us here at Gardens International. We see this as a perfect fit; a world-class sustainably designed and award winning, innovative building paired with a world-class leader in innovative mobile credential and payment solutions. Furthermore, Limerick itself is very much a vibrant and innovative city with a strong tech ecosystem and Transact Campus is another positive addition to that community,” said David Conway, CEO, Limerick Twenty Thirty DAC.

UL has also taken a step into accommodating the diversity of students interested in pursuing work in technology. Programs customized for diverse demographic groups, including international students, women returning to work, working parents, and individuals with disabilities, are bringing untapped talent into the space. Transact has a company culture with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion and embraces the value that diverse teams with different experiences and points of view can bring to problem solving and product development. The educational programs in Limerick that attract students from all backgrounds and from across the globe to learn and study are a ready pool of talent for the new Transact operations. There are 15 different nationalities represented in its Limerick staff to date as well as working parents who can customize schedules around their personal lives, and a fresh focus on accessibility for staff that will serve Transact clients and users as well.

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