Transact Campus and Amazon Collaborate to Bring Just Walk Out Technology to College Campuses for Fast and Frictionless Shopping

Technology Integration Will Provide More Convenient Shopping Experiences for Students, Improved Data-Driven Insights and Efficiencies for Vendors

PHOENIX, AZ – March 7, 2023 Transact Campus (“Transact”), the award-winning leader in innovative mobile credential and payment solutions for a connected campus, today announced the company will integrate its solutions with Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, enabling a fast and frictionless way to make payments with vendors on and off campus. The parties anticipate stores powered by Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology will be deployed across campuses via an integrated solution combining Transact’s card system for payments, mobile ordering app for store entry, and Cloud POS for product catalogs, inventory, and reporting. The integration will be demonstrated at Transact’s annual user conference, Transact 360o, taking place March 6-8 in Atlanta.

Shopping at a location powered by Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology is designed to be an effortless experience. Shoppers, students, and any verified user with a university account can simply scan their unique QR code to enter a store, starting a virtual shopping session during which the technology detects what shoppers take from or return to the shelves. Shoppers are able to leave the store without having to wait in line and the credentials stored in their Transact Mobile Ordering account will be used to pay for the items they selected.

“Together, Transact Mobile Ordering and Just Walk Out technology will create a seamless student experience by eliminating checkout lines and increasing efficiency in transactions,” said Laura Newell-McLaughlin, EVP/GM, Integrated Payments and Campus Commerce, Transact. “Utilizing Transact Mobile Ordering for store entry and payments unlocks several useful tools for universities and vendors such as stored payment profiles, tender selection, tender discount and taxes, in-app receipts, user segmentation, and transaction recovery.”

Eliminating checkout lines enables stores to improve labor efficiency by utilizing staff more effectively, while providing new insights across the store and at the shelf.

Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology will integrate with Transact’s Card System for declining balance and credit card transactions, offering unified online product catalogs and reporting data with Cloud POS for better consumer insights and security.

Transact will begin rolling out the Just Walk Out technology integrations in the coming months for early-adopter campuses already using Transact Mobile Ordering and will open the service for additional campuses later this year. Read more about Transact Mobile Credential and Transact Mobile Ordering.

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