Transact Acquires Quickcharge; Expanding Scale and Innovation Across a Variety of Campus Environments

Acquisition Enables Company to Expand and Leverage Quickcharge’s Dining and Retail Platform Across K-12 Education, Healthcare, Corporate, and Government Campuses

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – October 3, 2023 –  Transact Campus, Inc., “Transact,” the award-winning leader in innovative campus technology and payment solutions, today announced the acquisition of Quickcharge, a dining and retail technology platform for K-12, Healthcare, Corporate, and Government campuses.

Operating as a division of MM Hayes, Quickcharge has consistently demonstrated its value by offering comprehensive solutions including cashless payments and transactions via point of sale (POS), kiosk and mobile ordering to more than 575 clients. Incorporating Quickcharge's diverse offerings and talented team strengthens Transact’s ability to grow their campus software solution offerings and reinforces the company’s position as the leading provider of software and mobile solutions to campus environments.

“The acquisition of Quickcharge is a pivotal moment that enables Transact to cross-sell and scale complementary, purpose-built solutions to a wider variety of campus settings,” said Nancy Langer, CEO, Transact. “The union of our businesses enhances the value Dining Service Providers can offer and paves the way for collaboration and channel growth. Many of Transact’s higher-ed clients operate hospitals on campus.  Aligning with Quickcharge's complementary product offerings expands the Transact footprint and helps ensure that our solutions remain at the forefront of innovation in these unique environments.”

The acquisition aligns seamlessly with market demands, and signals Transact's commitment to enhancing its range of products and transferability across campuses. By incorporating Quickcharge's capabilities, Transact broadens its integrated solutions roadmap, leveraging its diverse and dedicated expertise in the campus software and mobile solutions space.

“Quickcharge’s proven history of providing seamless technology solutions for the Healthcare, Corporate, K-12, and Government campuses perfectly complements Transact's strategic vision,” explained David Hayes, CEO, Quickcharge. “We are poised to help Transact expand its footprint across a multitude of sectors, and step into a new chapter, where our combined strengths will bring unprecedented value to our clients and varied campuses to spur ongoing growth for Transact.”

Ultimately, this acquisition positions Transact as a formidable player, continuing to redefine campus software and mobile solutions.

About Transact Campus
Transact Campus is the leader in innovative payment, campus ID and commerce solutions for a connected campus. Transact’s highly configurable, mobile-centric campus technology ecosystem simplifies the student experience across the full spectrum of student life. Transact’s offerings include integrated solutions for tuition and other student expense payments, multi-purpose campus IDs, and campus commerce. With a long-standing reputation in the education community, Transact proudly serves over 12 million students across more than 1,850 client institutions. Since inception, Transact has facilitated more than $49 billion in payments annually, has provisioned over 1 million mobile credentials and has enabled hundreds of millions of contactless mobile wallet transactions and purchases. For more information, visit

About Quickcharge

Quickcharge is the leader in dining and retail technologies for the workplace, providing a comprehensive suite of offerings for cashless payment, point of sale, mobile ordering, and more. Operating as a division of M.M. Hayes Company, Inc., Quickcharge was initially released in 1998 and today proudly serves more than 1,100 client locations across healthcare, business and industry, education, and government. Quickcharge’s end-to-end solution delivers a consistent and convenient user experience across every point of service, with a forward-thinking ecosystem equipped to solve evolving customer needs in rapidly growing markets. For more information, visit


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