Transact Campus Improves Data Analysis for Higher Education through Integration with Microsoft

New Transact Insights transforms data integration, reporting and security, driving better decision-making for colleges and universities

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – June 13, 2024 – Transact Campus, ("Transact") the award winning leader in innovative mobile credential and payment solutions for smart campuses has announced a significant enhancement to its Transact Insights platform through integration with Microsoft Power BI. The new Data Connections feature transforms how higher education institutions manage, access and utilize their data. This innovative data connectivity allows users to seamlessly connect their data to leading business intelligence applications. 

At a time when universities and colleges are facing budget constraints and enrollment pressures, data-driven decision-making is paramount. Higher education finance offices are looking for ways to aggregate campus data easily across departments to have a more complete picture of what's happening so they can make more informed business decisions. 

Key benefits to colleges and university professionals include: 

  • Effortless Data Integration: Connect data to favorite business intelligence tools with just a few clicks, enabling users to leverage the same data extracted from the payment system in their preferred environment. 
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Tailor reports and analytics to specific needs, allowing for more personalized and meaningful insights. 
  • Security and Speed: Secure, pre-certified connections ensure data protection and efficiency. 
  • Rapid Reporting: Create fully functional dashboards and reports with minimal effort, significantly reducing the time required to derive actionable insights. 

"Our integration with Microsoft Power BI facilitates a level of data interaction that was previously unattainable, enabling university finance offices to make decisions based on comprehensive data-driven information," said Ian Ashworth, director of product management at Transact. 

"University analytics teams working with Transact Insights can now quickly and seamlessly automate their connection to Power BI, allowing them to rapidly integrate Transact's robust datasets with other campus data," said Bill Campman, Director of Data & AI and Director of Academic Medical Centers, US Education, Microsoft. 

In addition to Data Connections, Transact has upleveled Transact Insights by adding Late Payment Plan Analysis, which offers enhanced insights into payment plan performance, helping institutions manage finances more effectively. This new feature allows universities to monitor and optimize payment plans with heightened insights on performance metrics like paid to date, outstanding and late payments. At a time when enrollment rates are declining, Late Payment Plan Analysis provides crucial data to help institutions proactively address potential financial issues. 

Transact Insights simplifies data management, offering a seamless way to aggregate campus data and a comprehensive suite of interactive visual reports. It empowers institutions to predict trends, optimize financial management and enhance operational efficiency, reducing manual data aggregation efforts and unlocking the full potential of institutional data. 

Transact Insights is part of Transact's Integrated Payments solutions which includes tuition billing, payment processing, payment plans, refunds and e-commerce storefronts. Looking ahead, Transact Insights is poised for deeper integration with Transact Campus Commerce and Transact Campus ID. These enhancements will supercharge its capabilities, unlocking actionable insights from campus retail and mobile ID data points creating a more robust ecosystem and enabling universities to derive even greater value from their data.  

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