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Keeping Student Fees in Check  

Colleges are in a constant struggle to provide today’s students with the highest-level learning experience, while managing the rising cost of education. What steps can today’s universities take to minimize the costs to run their financial platform while helping to ensure students can achieve their degrees and minimize student debt at the same time?

Join us to find out how one college was successful from both a philosophical and system approach to help students and their parents manage their educational cost without diminishing the student experience.  

In this presentation, you’ll hear from Morehouse College and its struggle with supporting students/parents with effective cost management tools, how they approached the problem, evaluated their options and implemented a solution. They'll also share best practices and lessons learned along the way.

  • Learn how colleges, like your own, are reacting to rising student fees and how they are balancing that against the overall student experience.  
  • Gain valuable tips in assessing your institution’s systems and processes and steps you can make impart changes that impact student debt.
  • Learn some important statistics and best practices to help you in your effort to maintain the highest educational experience for your students.
  • Hear about the system Morehouse College selected to meet its objectives, the benefits it’s bringing to their student and campus community, and the steps they took to plan and implement the solution.

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