A Seamlessly Connected Student Experience

November 09, 2022

Campus Commerce Campus ID

In a world where nearly everything can be done using a mobile device, college students expect similar functionality and usability on their college campuses. 

Their expectations have prompted administrators to find more streamlined, user-friendly solutions.

Luckily, Transact understands the needs of students and administrators and strives to deliver a mobile-centric student experience that streamlines administrative tasks via integrated payments, campus ID, and commerce solutions.

Transact Solutions can be used on every corner of campus, creating one connected experience. 

To understand what this seamless, connected experience looks like, let’s explore where and how Transact Solutions can be used on any college campus. 

Dining Options

Transact Solutions allow students to use their mobile devices for a variety of dining-related functions, both on or off campus. All of these transactions are streamlined, making it simple for the students, administration, and staff.

Students can use their mobile devices for purchases at:

  • Food Trucks and Carts

    • Cashless purchases for meals and snacks

  • Food Services 

    • Manage meal plans 

    • Attended and self-service point of sale

    • Cashless purchases for vending 

    • Kiosks and registers 

  • Off-Campus Merchants

    • Cashless purchases at university-approved National brand locations

While this article focuses on the surprisingly positive impact COVID-19 has had on campus dining, it also explains the many ways mobile devices can be used to enhance students’ campus dining experiences. 

Extracurricular Spaces

To demonstrate the versatility of Transact Solutions, it’s important to look at how and where they can be used to enhance extracurricular activities on campus.

Students can use their mobile devices at:

  • The Library

    • Electronic checkout

    • Cashless purchases for copies and printing

    • Electronic payment of fees 

  • Fitness and Health Centers

    • Authorized access control 

    • Cashless purchases for vending

    • Electronic payment of fees  

  • Event Facilities

    • Cashless purchase of tickets

    • Authorized access control

    • Online registration payments

    • Cashless purchases at concession stands and carts

  • Parking Garage

    • Authorized access control 

    • Cashless payment of fees and permits

While using mobile devices in these spaces is advantageous for students, they are even more so for staff. With the option for cashless purchases and electronic payments for fees in a variety of extracurricular spaces, staff has more time to do behind-the-scenes work rather than take transactions. Streamlining the data from these transactions also makes financial management tasks easier and more organized. 

Common Campus Buildings

Besides simplifying and enhancing dining options and extracurricular spaces, Transact Solutions also create mobile-centric environments for common campus buildings. This allows students to use their mobile devices to handle the basic necessities of managing college life. 

Students can use their mobile devices at: 

  • Alumni Buildings 

    • In-person and mobile cashiering

    • Online payment processing 

    • Electronic departmental deposits 

  • Academic Buildings

    • Authorized access control 

  • Residence Halls

    • Building and room access control

    • Video surveillance integration

    • Cashless purchases for dining, laundry, and vending 

  • Campus Store

    • Cashless purchases for books and merchandise

Again, implementing a mobile-centric campus simplifies and centralizes nearly every aspect of the student experience

Administrative Buildings and Functions 

We’ve hinted at it throughout the article, but it’s not just students that benefit from a connected, mobile-centric experience. Administrators also experience benefits when a campus uses Transact Solutions. 

They’ll see improvements in:

  • The Public Safety Office

    • Command and control center

    • Access control management

    • Video surveillance management

  • The Admissions Office

    • Card production and issuance

    • Online payment processing

    • Integration with SIS, ERP, HMS

These improvements help keep the campus connected and ease burdens often placed on administrative staff. 

Moving Beyond a Physical Location

While a mobile-centric campus improves the accessibility and experience in physical locations, it also improves the behind-the-scenes management aspects of being a college student. 

Transact Solutions provide services to improve these areas: 

  • Bursar/Student Accounts

    • In-person and mobile cashiering

    • Tuition and fee payment plans

    • Secure payment processing and bill presentment

    • Electronic financial aid credit balance disbursements 

  • Mobile Payments and Unified Credential

    • Mobile Credential or Physical ID Card

    • Campus ID credential photo submissions, provisioning, and account management

    • Tuition and fee payments

    • Cashless and mobile purchases with campus ID credential 

See the Difference One Connected Experience Makes

Transact built solutions to make an impact all over college campuses. From dining halls to public safety offices, and everything in between our solutions deliver a mobile-centric student experience and streamline administration with integrated payments, campus ID, and commerce solutions. 

With the help of Transact, your campus will have a: 

  • Mobile-centric ecosystem 

  • Single-sign on experience

  • Robust ERP integrations

  • Holistic, single-sourced data insights

  • Configurable and personalized experience

  • PCI and regulatory compliant 

  • Secure, NFC-enabled mobile credential

  • Flexible and pre-certified integrations 

  • And more

To learn more about all the ways Transact Solutions can create one connected experience on your campus, reach out to us and get the conversation started!