Meet Ronni Caromano: Transact Campus’ Senior Director, Global Supply Chain & Procurement

January 19, 2023

Meet The Team

According to a survey by Gartner, Inc., women account for 19% of supply chain leadership roles, up from 15% in 2021. One name you can add to the growing list is Ronni Caromano, Senior Director of Global Supply Chain and Procurement at Transact. Ronni joined the team last October. 

“I started out managing Supply Chain but now am also responsible for Procurement as well,” Caromano said. 

In plain language, her job within Supply Chain is to make sure we have enough hardware to support our clients. 

Examples of hardware include keypads, door locks, access control panels, printers, kiosks, and registers—equipment our clients rely on to use our products and services. 

“We manage over 700 different stock keeping units (SKUs) of first and third-party hardware for our clients from over 65 vendors and suppliers. Some parts and hardware have long lead times so ensuring we provide our partners with an accurate 12-18 month rolling forecast is most important,” said.




“We’re continuing to build more strategic vendor and supplier partnerships.  Understanding lead times and setting the right expectations with our clients is the main focus,” she said. 

Transact’s official Supply Chain & Procurement Mission Statement reads as follows: 

“To provide solutions and support that leverage optimal business processes and tools, minimizes waste, reduces costs, improves predictability, and delivers a positive experience and comprehensive value to our internal stakeholders and external clients.” 

Before joining Transact, Caromano held various Supply Chain roles at Comcast and established a Supply Chain Employee Development Program focusing on training and development, onboarding, recruitment, and career pathing. 

“I was drawn to the Supply Chain field because it’s different every day. I like the direct impact to internal and external stakeholders.


Since joining Transact, Caromano says things are going great. 

“I’m impressed that Transact is so open to change from a Supply Chain/Procurement standpoint. Everyone including the leadership team has been incredibly honest about challenges and has been supportive to do whatever is needed to solve problems,” she said. 

What does she think will be important in the future of our supply chain? 

"There will be more focus on risk resiliency by diversifying supply chain sources and onboarding additional alternative products. Enabling the circular economy and determining how we can better reuse and recycle products will also be a priority. And there is a need for tighter cost management. With product costs rising from transportation and labor rate increases, we need to find new ways to mitigate by driving process improvements,” she said. 

“In the short amount of time Ronni has been here, she has already taken the supply chain and purchasing organization to a whole new level. Her passion, thoroughness, and disciplined approach will truly benefit Transact, today, and into the future,” said Lou Attanasio, Chief Client Officer at Transact. 

Caromano says she enjoys bringing new ideas and helping to create a renewed Supply Chain and Procurement team. 

“It’s exciting to be a part of building something new.” 

When not at work, Caromano spends time with her husband of 17 years, Lenny, as well as her two “fur kids” (basset hounds) Gonzo and Luigi, at her home in Delaware.