Transact Campus ID and Campus Commerce Case Study Temple University

Temple University onboarded Transact Campus ID solutions for higher education to streamline their student ID program and access control


"Transact is proactive and I find that they're always looking for the next solution. They're good partners at looking at what the university's needs are, what students can be provided with, and they work well with us as a true partner."

Scott Brannan
Director of the Owl Card Office

Early adopter of Transact Mobile Credential for their OwlCard Program

Temple University was one of the first six institutions to offer Transact Mobile Credential, and its students widely adopted it, with over 30K credentials provisioned.

Connected their campuses under one student ID solution

Temple University gives students more ways to pay for things around campus and has contactless campus-wide access with one student ID management solution.

Partnered with the leader in higher education

Transact is committed to innovation and market leadership, and Temple recognizes and appreciates this proactive approach.

Temple University and Transact Campus 

Temple University is a public university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The university has over 24,000 enrolled students and 3,600 faculty members. 

Transact and Temple University have been partners since the mid-1990s. Together, we have crafted a campus ID solution that perfectly aligns with the needs of their students and staff. 

Today, Temple University benefits from a wide range of Transact services. Such as, Transact TSE, Transact Door Access Control and Security, Transact Mobile Credential, Transact Online Photo Submission, Transact Meal Plans, and more. All have significantly enhanced their campus operations. 

Scott Brannan said, "The system has a lot of versatility, and we utilize a lot of it." 


Transact Mobile Credential—keeping up with the shifting demands for an optimal college experience 

Temple University has been working with Transact for almost 30 years because of its proactive approach to finding the latest solutions to help the University remain competitive. Transact understands higher education institutions' challenges, such as budget cuts, high inflation, and reduced enrollment. 

Temple University has turned to Transact, a strategic partner specializing in higher education, to address these challenges. Transact has helped them implement cost-effective Mobile Credential solutions and meet the expectations of students looking for mobile access to their Student ID cards, OwlCard. 

The Mobile Credential trend is gaining popularity on college campuses, and digital IDs have become a key element in school recruitment. According to a Transact study, 70% of traditional college-aged Gen Z students consider the availability of digital Student IDs important when selecting a college to attend. 

Scott Brannan agrees, "Students clamor for technology [and] they work well with technology."  

Jeff Bazin, the Assistant Director for IT, added, "They're always carrying their phones with them. It's convenient for them. [Mobile Credential has] the cool factor of pulling out your phone and tapping it. So it's been popular with the students." 

Temple University was the first school in Pennsylvania and one of the first six schools to offer Student ID cards for mobile phones. As of May 2024, they have 30K credentials provisioned, and the adoption rate is astounding at 85-90%. Scott Brannan said, "The student adoption and experience with the product has been satisfying.” 

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