Transact Campus Commerce Case Study

Utah State University

Beyond Dining: Learn How Student Groups at Utah State University are Using Transact Mobile Ordering to Streamline Events and Boost Profitability


"Transact Mobile Ordering has revolutionized the way we manage our student group events at Utah State University. We’re able to stagger appointment times that not only reduces lines and crowds but increases student satisfaction and overall safety. With zero paper tickets and a streamlined check-in process, our events run smoother than ever before. Transact Mobile Ordering has truly empowered us to focus on creating unforgettable experiences for our students."

Stephanie Toniolli
Director, Card office for Utah State University

Use Case 1: Bingo Event

USU's student groups organized a free Bingo event, using Transact Mobile Ordering to manage reservations. Using the app, students could easily make reservations, eliminating the need for printed tickets. The event offered two time slots, accommodating a total of 1,800 available tickets. Students simply scanned their phones to gain entry, streamlining the check-in process.


Sustainability: The implementation of Transact Mobile Ordering eliminated the need for printing paper tickets, resulting in zero tickets printed.

Efficiency: Students were relieved of the burden of printing, distributing, scanning, and checking in with physical tickets, saving time and effort.

Use Case 2: The Howl 2023 Treacherous Waters Event

USU's Taggart Student Center hosts an annual paid fundraising event known as "The Howl 2023 Treacherous Waters." This year, Transact Mobile Ordering was used for ticket sales, with tickets being non-refundable and non-transferable. The event aimed to generate significant revenue and was the highlight of the year for the student group. Students were able to purchase general admission tickets using the Mobile Ordering app.   


Revenue: The event sold 5,700 tickets, generating over $100,000 in revenue.

Customer Satisfaction: The convenience of purchasing tickets through Transact Mobile Ordering enhanced the overall experience for attendees.

Game Changing Results

By leveraging this innovative solution, USU has successfully addressed the challenges associated with event management, resulting in improved sustainability, increased efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Transact Mobile Ordering has empowered student groups to focus on creating memorable events while leaving the logistical red tape behind.

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