How to Attract International Students with Easy Ways to Pay

On-Demand Webinar

Paying and accepting tuition payments and expenses in a foreign currency is easier than you think with Transact International Payments. Transact Campus' new solution for international payments will seamlessly fit into your existing workflow and improve the international student experience.

In this webinar, hear from EVP of Transact Payments Laura McLaughlin, on how international students benefit when the complexity of international payments is reduced for campus administrators. Peter Scharnell, Senior Director of the Transact Payments product, will delve into the details and show you just how easy Transact International Payments is to use in a live demo.

Whether you're already an ePayments customer or new to Transact, this webinar will teach you how to get started offering global payment options to your students.

Watch the webinar on-demand and see how Transact has reimagined international payments for higher ed.