Payment Plans: The Secret to Increasing Retention and Helping Students Lower Debt Before Graduation

On-Demand Webinar

Payment plans can be an effective tool in helping students at community colleges matriculate through their educational programs. In a recent Transact Payments survey, 53% of community college students were surprised to find their school provided a payment plan option for their tuition and fees. More broadly, 33% of all college students did not know how they would fund their academic dreams without the support of a payment plan, while another 33% knew they would not be able to attend college at all without using a payment plan.

During this on-demand webinar, Delaware County Community College and Transact explain how payment plans can be utilized in financial aid packages to help with student retention, how institutions may self-manage their payment plans and tailor programs to student financial needs, and what options exist to expand awareness of payment plan programs in collaboration with other administrative marketing efforts.