Using the Right Technology to Reach Gen Z Students

On-Demand Webinar



Learn the unique ways Xavier University is using Transact Mobile Ordering to streamline processes.


Gen Z students are far different from millennials and other generations. These tech-savvy, heavy mobile users are more connected than ever, having never known a world without smart phones. So how can we communicate (and resonate) with them in a meaningful way today?

Campus leaders at Xavier University were ready to address the challenge. In this webinar, we’ll break down how using the right technology enhanced Xavier’s communication with Gen Z, reduced costs, and delivered powerful data insights for the institution. 

A breakdown of the Gen Z student today—their concerns, values, and the surprising correlation to their grandparents

Understanding campus requirements in new technology—from student satisfaction to revenue growth and moreHow Xavier University leveraged Transact Mobile Ordering, Transaction System, and iValidate solutions to transform the way they interact with students


  • Jennifer Paiotti, Marketing Director, Auxiliary Services, Xavier University
  • Matthew Drummond, Sr. Solution Engineer, Retail Solutions, Transact
  • John Diaz, VP, Product Management, Retail Solutions, Transact