Use of Mobile Credentials for Heightened Security

On-Demand Webinar

Join Transact and Arkansas State to see how to protect your campus community while meeting the needs of today’s mobile phone-centric students with a fast, secure NFC-enabled Mobile Credential.

Learn how the industry’s first NFC-enabled Mobile Credential deploys on student cell phones for use across campus the same way a student ID card works. The webinar will explore how the system not only improves student experience but also bolsters security through its integration with physical access control and other systems.

Learn valuable tips from Arkansas State on how to implement this type of solution on your campus. You’ll find out how this system — which connects students with a fast, secure NFC-enabled Mobile Credential on their mobile devices – can also improve security by integrating interior room and exterior building access control, security monitoring, video surveillance, electronic locks from integrated partners, turnstiles and parking gates.