Diversity Internship Program

Transact Campus offers an exciting array of future-forward careers at the intersection of business, technology, and education. With a long-standing reputation in the education community, Transact proudly serves over 12 million students across more than 1,850 client institutions. Since inception, Transact has facilitated more than $49 billion in payments annually, has provisioned over 1 million mobile credentials and has enabled hundreds of millions of contactless mobile wallet transactions and purchases.

Program Overview

Transact’s diversity internship program aims to promote inclusivity and foster the development of underrepresented talent within our organization.  It creates pathways for early career talent to join our organization – with emphasis on students from all diverse backgrounds to gain valuable work experience and professional growth.

Key Objectives

  • Increase representation:  The program seeks to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds, by partnering with various educational institutions to increase the representation of all identity groups, including underrepresented groups.
  • Professional development:  Interns will have access to various training and development opportunities, including mentorship programs, skill-building workshops, capstone presentations, and networking events.  
  • Cultivate an inclusive culture:  The program is designed to foster an inclusive and supportive work environment where interns feel valued and empowered.  Through regular communication, feedback circuits, exposure to C-suite executive leaders, etc. creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Client engagement:  Augment client outreach and engagement opportunities through talent pipeline program offerings for impactful partnerships

Program Highlights

  • 10-week summer internship assignment within an identified division of Transact will combine learning with skill development through practical work and projects.
  • Positions available in the following departments: Corporate Social Responsibility/Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Marketing, Transformation Office, Sales, Product Operations, Global Services, Human Resources, Partnerships/M&A/Strategy, and Product Marketing & Analytics. 
  • Small, selective program size that allows for more personal attention and support.
  • Gain valuable real-world experiences working in their respective line of business/function as well as learn to work together in collaborative teams.
  • Participants can further develop their technical and business acumen skills/expertise, enhance leadership abilities, and build networks across the organization.
  • Specialized assignments to include a capstone project that culminates in a presentation to executive leadership at the culmination of the program.
  • Full commitment from top-level management to make our program the premier internship/talent pipeline program within the fintech industry.

Program Eligibility/Qualifications

  • Enrollment in a 4-year undergraduate degree program with a strong focus on business-related and/or technology-related majors
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better
  • Well-rounded and balanced background including demonstrated leadership abilities
  • Strong written and oral communication skills

Available Internship Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the Transact Diversity Internship program! We are no longer accepting applications for summer 2024. If you have any questions, please email us at deiinternshipteam@transactcampus.com
Celebrating Success: Transact's First Diversity Internship Program Makes an Impact
Celebrating Success: Transact's First Diversity Internship Program Makes an Impact

This past summer, Transact welcomed seven new team members to the family as part of its first-ever Diversity Internship Program.

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The interns have landed! Transact’s new Diversity Internship Program brings early career talent, support to departments
The interns have landed! Transact’s new Diversity Internship Program brings early career talent, support to departments

Seven new team members recently joined the Transact family, thanks to Transact’s first-ever Diversity Internship Program.

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The interns have landed! Transact’s new Diversity Internship Program brings early career talent, support to departments
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Transact 2023 Interns

Francis Allotey

Junior Project Manager
Grand Canyon University

Jay Alshouse

Junior Data Analyst
Grand Canyon University

Benjamin Bustamante

Marketing Intern
Grand Canyon University

Raneim Gadala

Junior Technical Writer
Arizona State University

Hesley Masara

Junior Project Manager
Chowan University

Aubriana Strickland

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Intern
Coppin State University

Valentina Sanchez Valbuena

Marketing Intern
Grand Canyon University

Questions or want to know how to apply?

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I apply for the Transact Student Internship Program?

The application process is now open through February 12th 2024.

What is the timeline of the internship?

The internship is a 10-week program which commences at the beginning of June and ends mid-August.

When are the internship opportunities offered?

Currently our internship program is offered during the summer. The plan is to expand the internship opportunity to fall and spring semesters soon.

Which division will I be placed in during the internship?

We have several positions available in marketing, software implementation consulting, product management, business operations, finance, and diversity and inclusion. Based on your application, background, prior experience, and interest, placement will be determined during the recruitment process.

Is the internship a paid opportunity?

Yes, interns will be paid on an hourly basis.

During the internship, what should the interns expect?

The first week of the internship program will include orientation, meeting the leadership team, and connecting with the assigned departments. Throughout the 10-week program, 2-3 weekly lunch and learns will be hosted for the interns. At the end of the internship program, interns will be required to complete a capstone project to be presented during a round table discussion with the executive leadership team.

Where are the internship opportunities located?

We offer a hybrid model. The internship opportunity is remote or may be located in our Phoenix, Arizona or Raleigh, North Carolina offices. The determination is made based on the requirements of the intern position and the location of the intern.

Does Transact offer sponsorship for the internship program?

Currently, sponsorship is not offered.

How do I track the status of my application?

If you have any questions regarding your application status, please send an email to deiinternshipteam@transactcampus.com .