Affordable, virtual psychiatry for your students

Thank you for your interest in educating your students about Talkiatry, a national mental health practice that provides in-network psychiatry services. We fully support your efforts to spread the word to students about Talkiatry, which is why we’ve created some tools to get you started.

Use the options below to: 

  1. Request a school-branded Talkiatary landing page, so your students know they are where they should be
  2. Add Talkiatry information and your school-branded landing page URL to the back of your mobile ID
  3. Leverage our “campaigns-in-a-box” to get the word out to your students! Campaigns include ready-to-go marketing materials as well as InDesign files so you can add your logo and school branded Talkiatry landing page URL.
If you still have questions, feel free to email us or drop into Office Hours. Links are included below.

Download our informational sales sheet to easily access reference information.

Sales Sheet Download

Review our easy instructions on how you can add Talkiatry information to the back of your mobile credential.

eAccounts Instructional Sheet

Fill out the form to request a Talkiatry landing page with your school logo included

Request a Branded Page

Healthcare professionals on your campus can refer patients to Talkiatry directly through a quick and easy web capable process

Refer a Patient

Digital Media Campaigns