Transact Online Photo Submission for higher education

Give your students round-the-clock ability to upload their student ID photo for their mobile and contactless card credentials

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Balancing mobile-centric student expectations and staff resources

Institution administrators face the task of accomplishing more with limited resources. Meanwhile, students' expectations for their student ID experience continue to rise.  
Reducing and removing the need for in-person visits solely for taking ID photos is crucial to address this. By implementing an online photo submission solution, institutions can allow students to easily upload their ID photos remotely. 
This saves time and effort, enabling ID offices to offer 77% more hours for student services. Embracing technology and streamlining the ID photo process is a win-win solution for administrators and students. 

Integrate with Campus ID

Transact Online Photo Submission integrates with your campus' existing Transact Mobile Credential or student ID card solution. It allows students to upload their self-portraits as their student ID photo, and staff members can approve or deny them.

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Manage photo submissions easily

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Approve or deny photos

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Select the reason for denial & add comments

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Transact Online Photo Submission case study

“OPS was the absolute right solution for us at the right time."
Frederick Pieters Integrated Card Services Program Manager & Systems Administrator, Edmonds College

Edmonds College challenge:

In recent years, they've had problems with long student wait times at their card office, especially in the fall. Additionally, Edmonds College counts many international and out-of-state students among their student population. These students would benefit significantly if they could get their campus ID cards before starting school.

Edmonds College deployed a 100% contactless Photo ID process:

Edmonds College advertised the Online Photo Submission capability throughout the campus community. Students got instructions at orientation, and employees got them at onboarding. The card office also produced a step-by-step how-to video viewable on the school's website.

Allow students to upload their self-portraits as their student ID photo

Streamline photo collection, card production, and card distribution by letting students upload a self-portrait as their student ID photo. Thanks to the direct integration between Transact Online Photo Submission and your Transaction System.

School Benefits

  • Ability to approve or deny photos with an area to add explanatory comments
  • Ability to add government-issued documents
  • Custom-built email templates to invite students to upload photos, approve, or deny photo submissions, and more

Student Benefits

  • Ability to personally select or take the photo for their campus credential
  • Remote issuance—a true contactless experience for students
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Let's have a 30-minute conversation to see how your school can let students upload a student ID photo by integrating with your existing transaction solution and free up your card office staff.

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