Transact Campus ID Case Study

Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern rolls out Transact Mobile Credential for their Eagle Card to enhance the student experience


"Transact Mobile Credential and Transact Online Photo Submission have changed how card services does business at Georgia Southern. Now, everyone is provisioning a Mobile Credential over the air. It has made a much better experience for our students." 

Richard Wynn
Former Director of Eagle Card Services, Georgia Southern University

"When you're looking at a contactless way to manage access in a variety of areas on campus, physical doors, study spaces and even access to dining facilities, the Transact Mobile Credential is the wave of the future. It's so versatile and easy to use, students are adopting it instantly, and we're eager to look for more ways to integrate its use into our program." 

Michael Murphy
Director of Campus Services and Dining Auxiliary Services, Georgia Southern University

Streamline the card services office and eliminate long lines for student cards

GS improved its orientation process using Transact Mobile Credential and Transact Online Photo Submission. Previously, students waited in long lines for physical ID cards. Students can now upload photos and receive their credentials on their phones without waiting.

Keep up with emerging technology to remain competitive

The admin team watched a video about how Mercer University had implemented Transact Mobile Credential for their credential solution. As a result, GS decided to offer this service to their ID solution, Eagle Cards.

Students have faster entry to dining services—tap their phone and go

Transact Mobile Credential has made dining entry during Georgia Southern's peak service hours more efficient. Instead of searching for a physical card, students can tap to get in without opening their phones.

What challenges brought Georgia Southern to look for a new one-card program for higher education 

Georgia Southern University (GS) is a public research university located in three cities in Georgia: Statesboro, Savannah, and Hinesville. With its three campuses and over 26,100 enrolled students, GS faced a significant challenge during summer orientation. 

Around 350 to 400 students would attend the 10 to 15 orientations held at Georgia Southern University. However, taking photos and getting physical ID cards was time-consuming and resulted in long lines, causing stress for staff and students. 

To tackle this problem, the university decided to enhance Transact TSE, the existing transaction system used to support its student ID card program, by integrating additional products. 


Transact Online Photo Submission and Transact Mobile Credential improved Georgia Southern's student experience 

GS added Transact Online Photo Submission as Richard Wynn worked on funding and approval for Transact Mobile Credential. Being able to upload student ID photos 24/7 changed how they produced ID cards and brought them closer to being a mobile-first campus. 

Richard Wynn shared, "At first, we would mail the physical card to the students after they sent the photo through Online Photo Submission. That was still kind of a clumsy process." However, students found the convenience of uploading their photos at their own pace and location highly beneficial. Despite submitting a student ID photo online, students had to wait in line to receive their physical card.  

During this period, the VP of Business and Finance, inspired by Mercer University's successful implementation of Transact Mobile Credential, resulted in a direct conversation about the necessity of offering this service to GS students. 

After two to three years of proposing the project, Richard Wynn and the card services office finally received the green light. 

Since the Fall and Spring semesters of 2022 and 2023, GS provisioned over 12.6k credentials and achieved a 50% adoption rate. 

Richard Wynn expressed his satisfaction with the project's success, stating that "Georgia Southern students love Transact Mobile Credential.


Georgia Southern uses Transact's NFC-enabled solution across their campuses 

GS students, faculty, and staff have secure, mobile access to enter dorms, buildings, and dining areas using mobile devices. This NFC-enabled technology is available on Apple, Samsung Wallet™, Google Wallet™, Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy Watch.  

Richard Wynn's first encounter with Transact Mobile Credential was a testament to its seamless operation. He recalls, "I observed a student walking into one of our residence halls. It blew me away to watch the students use the phone while talking on it and not interrupt the conversation. A simple tap and they were through, continuing their conversation as if nothing happened." 

The implementation of Mobile Credential has significantly improved access to dorms. This has also led to a streamlined process of accessing the dining halls during peak times.  

In the past, students had to present their physical cards to the cashier. However, now they can tap their mobile phones to gain entry. According to Richard Wynn, this faster process has significantly improved the throughput of students entering the dining services.

Richard retired in May 2024. Michael Murphy, who now runs the card program, echoed Richard's sentiment: "Transact Mobile Credential has changed the game for identification and access management on our campuses at Georgia Southern. Students are excited and engaged in the different areas they can use their phone to make purchases and enter campus facilities." 

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