Transact Campus ID Case Study

Northeast Mississippi Community College

NEMCC onboarded Transact Campus ID solutions for higher education to streamline their student ID program and door access control


"Our door access system was at its end of life, so that [was] a problem. We were forced to look for a new door access system and a new ID system, and several things fell into place with Transact.

We had to find a system that would actually support door access IDs. Since we were already using Transact Integrated Payments, it made sense to start looking at Transact IDX®, which pretty much solved all of those issues."

Mark Nichols
Director of Information Technology, Northeast Mississippi Community College

Integrate their TigerOne program with Transact Door Access Control and Security

Northeast Mississippi Community College needed a solution to connect its student ID program with its door access system. This would allow their administrative team to manage a single system and enable students to access campus buildings with their mobile TigerOne card.

Streamline their computer center and eliminate long lines for student cards

NEMCC outgrew its manual, home-grown student ID card solution and sought a more efficient process. Thanks to Transact IDX® and Transact Online Photo Submission, their small 3-person office no longer worries about system maintenance. Students appreciate the convenience of uploading their photos anytime, anywhere.

What challenges brought NEMCC to look for a new Student ID management solution? 

Northeast Mississippi Community College, located in Booneville, Mississippi, has over 3,200 enrolled students. They faced multiple challenges with their previous ID solution. Their door access system had reached its end of life, their ID system had compatibility issues with the cloud, and they had outgrown their homegrown card process. The previous card process required students to stand in line for manual card processing of their TigerOne card, including photo-taking, which was quite time-consuming. As a result, they had to search for new technology solutions that could integrate. 

They were already a Transact Integrated Payments client, so they explored our ID solutions. 


Why'd Northeast Mississippi Community College choose Transact Campus ID? 

NEMCC used one ID solution to enhance security and convenience for its students. They integrated Transact IDX®, Transact Door Access Control and Security, and Transact Online Photo Submission. This helped make their computer office more efficient and create a contactless, mobile-friendly campus experience. 


Transact IDX® and Transact Online Photo Submission simplifies daily operations 

NEMCC used Transact IDX® to give students access to campus through mobile and contactless versions of their TigerOne cards. They also integrated it with their door access and security system. 

Mark Nichols added, "Before Transact IDX®, the main pain point was in our housing office where they generated the ID cards. The old system was forcing students to come in to take photos.  

We're seeing that there are no lines in the housing office waiting for their photos to be taken. As far as myself in the computer center, we no longer have to maintain that system. We're a small staff so we don't have to touch it at all. It's just sitting there, running, doing its thing.

The business office staff has also benefited from the new Campus ID system. Previously, students couldn't check their Tiger Bucks flex dollars without visiting the business office. Now, they can check their balance and add funds from their phone. Mark mentioned that the students enjoy this new ability. 


Transact Mobile Credential—meet the needs of their mobile-centric students 

NEMCC plans to be one of the first institutions in Mississippi to roll out NFC-enabled mobile IDs. Their students and the president of NEMCC are pushing for a modern credential solution. 

Chris Murphy, Vice President of Finance, mentioned that at Transact 360°, they saw a video case study of another school using Transact Mobile Credential, and their leadership team wanted it, too. Chris said, "Students go nowhere without their phones. We require an ID; why not give it to them on their phones?"  

Once Transact Mobile Credential is launched, their students can conveniently access their IDs through their digital wallets, enhancing their campus experience. Simultaneously, NEMCC administrators will gain a powerful tool to track and control access rights, ensuring a secure environment for all.  

Mark Nichols stated, "Transact Mobile credential is going to be a game changer for us.

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