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Streamline purchasing across campus by implementing a cloud-based ecosystem for dining, retail, and point-of-sale solutions. Provide students with contactless and mobile ordering options, as well as a cashierless checkout experience.

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Gen Z shifting demands for college experience

As per Campus ID News, mobile-driven experiences are becoming a crucial factor for students when selecting a college.

Our research agrees, with 74% of students believing this would create a better college experience.

Students experience one-click purchasing from their favorite online retailer, the ability to schedule payments directly from their phone, the option to pay through the account or card of their choice anywhere and at any time, and the ability to expect visibility and transparency throughout the entire transaction.

So, many students expect colleges to provide a consumer-like experience. Students believe that considering ease of payment is essential when rating colleges.

Transact Cloud POS

Institutions are under immense pressure to improve their operational efficiency, cope with staffing shortages, and meet the expectations of students who are looking for a more connected and mobile-centric campus experience.

Join 450+ schools streamlining the acceptance of contactless payments across campus with one centralized, cloud-native solution and giving students a feature-rich shopping experience with Transact Cloud POS.

School Benefits

  • One unified solution to process, prioritize, and fulfill any retail transaction from any supported device
  • Exportable data for easy accounting
  • On-the-fly scheduling and menu changes across all ordering channels
  • Intuitive dashboard for viewing 60+ standard reports

Student Benefits

  • Convenient and continuous mobile payment experience across campus
  • Multiple payment options that include debit card, credit card, and Campus ID accounts
  • Choose the way you want to order: cashier, mobile ordering, or kiosk
  • Reduced wait times and faster transaction processing
  • Enhanced financial management and visibility of campus-wide transactions
Cloud Point of Sale
Mobile Ordering

Transact Mobile Ordering

Our research discovered a major issue for college students on campus. On some campuses they are unable to use their phones for tuition or food payments.

Give your students what they CRAVE—a fast, secure ordering experience from their mobile phones.

Now, with 206+ institutions and 1,973+ locations implementing Transact Mobile Ordering, will your school be next?

School Benefits

  • Maximize activity/revenue at on-campus dining facilities
  • Increase student satisfaction and engagement
  • Support a contactless experience for your students
  • Boost the image of the school with innovative services
  • Upsell, cross-sell, create promotions, and encourage student purchases
  • Create opportunities for schools to penetrate new markets and industries that are primarily online ordering-based, such as events, giving campus administrators and sellers a competitive edge with our Web Ordering integration

Student Benefits

  • Ability to customize orders from on-campus locations
  • Enable contactless ordering and pickup with optional third-party locker integration
  • Receive notifications during every step of the ordering process—wait times, delivery, and pickup
  • Review nutritional information
  • Earn loyalty points and receive notifications of special student benefits and offers

Just Walk Out technology by Amazon

Transact has integrated with Amazon to bring frictionless shopping to campus stores. From streamlining student payments with Transact Mobile Ordering to analyzing rich insights with Transact Cloud POS, Transact offers smooth integration with Just Walk Out technology at every touchpoint.

School Benefits

  • Holistic store analytics that help you optimize efficiency and revenue beyond POS
  • Improve labor efficiency and free up staff to focus on higher-value tasks
  • Flexible, scalable design to support different environments, needs, and customer volumes
  • Amazon can easily integrate into your campus with Transact Mobile Ordering

Student Benefits

  • Familiar, fast, and secure payment experience using information already stored in their Transact Mobile Ordering account
  • A quick and convenient way to shop and get on with their day
Student using Amazon Just Walk out on campus

Transact Kiosks

Transact Kiosks + Transact Cloud POS enables one place to manage campus-wide transactions, items, pricing, and reporting.

Self-service kiosks on campus let busy students quickly order, scan, and pay for small purchases, making it convenient for them. These kiosks can be freestanding or mounted on walls, tables, or counters.

Offering a contactless experience can help businesses keep shoppers engaged and satisfied. By reducing wait times and streamlining the ordering process, kiosks can help increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

School Benefits

  • Save on labor costs with fewer cashiers
  • Encourage purchases with personalized message displays
  • Increase revenue with the ability to upsell, display banners, and ads
  • Multiple payment options, including debit card, credit card, and Campus ID accountss

Student Benefits

  • Quick transactions—no waiting in line
  • Multiple payment options including debit card, credit card, and Campus ID accounts

Transact Registers

Transact Registers and Transact Cloud POS can integrate and manage cash registers on the campus. This includes retail stores, fast-casual restaurants, concession stands, food trucks, and more.

Our cloud-based POS system enables staff to handle campus-wide transactions, manage items, pricing, and reporting from a centralized location. Real-time sales data is accessible to staff, providing valuable insights into product offerings and pricing.

Transact Registers makes it easy to update menus and prices, keeping all registers up-to-date.

School Benefits

  • Enable Transact Campus Commerce POS devices
  • Provide cost-effective pop-up and portable POS stations for queue-busting, food trucks, and more with our fully mobile tablet options
  • Support peripherals, including scanners, card readers, scales, terminals, and more

Student Benefits

  • Multiple payment options including debit card, credit card, and Campus ID card
  • Fast service and convenient locations
Off-Campus Merchant Solutions

Transact Off-Campus Merchant Solutions

Give today's students an effortless and convenient on-campus and off-campus purchasing experience. Provide them multiple payment options through integrated terminals accepting mobile ID cards or Mobile Credential.

Students can use it to make cashless payments for items such as books, sports events, and food at university-approved stores.

School Benefits

  • Integrated reports and accounting of transactions for the school and merchant
  • Extending cashless payments to university-approved off-campus merchants

Student Benefits

  • Secure transactions with no need to carry cash
  • Stored value to facilitate purchases anytime, anywhere

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Chances are, many of you have opted in to receive automated emails or SMS (push notification) messages from a particular store, restaurant, or frequently used vendor. These messages can make our lives easier—for example, if you have an upcoming doctor or salon appointment, you can confirm and check in with just a few clicks. Or, if you order food delivery, you can receive tracking updates in real-time, so you know when to expect your meal.  

The Power of Transact Mobile Ordering and Automated Messaging

In our modern fast-paced world, mobile ordering has become an essential service for universities looking to provide a convenient and efficient dining experience for their students. However, with the increasing demand for mobile ordering in higher education, it's important for campuses to ensure that their mobile ordering app is equipped with automated messaging capabilities.  

It’s because of this demand that Transact Campus developed its Mobile Ordering solution, which includes flexible ordering features, a campus-wide loyalty and rewards component with rich capabilities for push messaging, automated marketing campaigns, intelligent upselling, targeted inbox announcements, surveys, and user feedback. Each feature was designed to improve the efficiency of meal ordering and delivery service on campus, all of which bring considerable value to our clients. 

Four ways automated messaging saves time 

Automated messaging can help universities streamline their ordering process and provide a better user experience for students. Here are four ways automated messaging can be used in the Transact Mobile Ordering app

  1. Order Confirmation: As soon as a student places an order, an automated message can be sent to confirm the details of their order. This not only provides the student with reassurance that their order has been received but also helps reduce the number of inquiries that the dining services team receives regarding order status. 
  2. Order Ready: Once the order is ready, an automated message can be sent to notify the student that their food is waiting for them. Save time for the student and reduces congestion in the dining hall by allowing students to pick up their food quickly. 
  3. Feedback Request: After the student has received their food, an automated message can be sent to request feedback on their experience, providing them with an outlet to express their opinions and concerns. The information gathered from these surveys can help shape future campus communications and services. 
  4. Promotions: Universities can also use automated messaging to promote special offers and discounts to students. By sending targeted messages to specific groups of students, universities can increase engagement and drive more business to their dining services. These targeted messages make it easier to upsell, cross-sell, and incentivize student purchases. 



By incorporating these automated messaging capabilities, universities can create a more efficient and user-friendly dining experience for their students. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that automated messaging should be used strategically and not excessively. Overuse of automated messaging can be perceived as spammy and annoying, which can ultimately hurt engagement and student satisfaction. By using automated messaging strategically and in moderation, universities can drive engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive more business to their dining services. Plus, our Mobile Ordering app integrates with the most popular third-party dining apps, so students have a wide range of options to choose from.  

Bonus! More cool automated messaging features 

In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, other valuable features of automated messaging include: 

  • The ability to configure messages for specific user segments. 
  • Messages can be sent to specific restaurants, for specific item purchases. For example, you can schedule to send a message whenever someone orders a chicken sandwich from a particular restaurant. 
  • The ability to automatically schedule a message to be delivered in the future. 
  • Messages can be sent when an order is rated with a certain rating (e.g., rate an order below a 3). 
  • Automated messages can be scheduled for new registration, user inactivity, and user reengagement.  
  • Messages can be scheduled when a user reaches a certain total lifetime spend or a specific order number (e.g., their 10th order). 

Ultimately, universities need to master the art of sending the right message to the right user at the right time. Campus administrators need to meet students where they live, and where they live is on their phones. A recent university study revealed almost all Gen Z’ers (99%) own a smartphone, more than half spend nine hours or more in a typical day using their smartphones. Since students spend so much time on their devices, they are accustomed to receiving text updates and for the most part, read the messages they get. Automated messages, sent to users who have opted-in, have high open rates, up to 98%.  

Transact’s recently published whitepaper, “Exploring Financial Habits and Technology Use Among College Students,” further supports the need for universities to meet the technology demands of Gen Z’ers. According to the study, students “crave more seamless and mobile friendly options. They expect all of these to be easily integrated into their digital experience and readily available whether they are on campus or engaging through remote learning and off-campus experiences. In fact, we found that 72% of all students say that technology is very important or somewhat important when deciding on which college or continuing education institution they want to attend.” And since frustration with paying for food on- or off-campus was one of the top student complaints, it makes sense to streamline that process using Mobile Ordering and automated messaging. Read more insights by downloading the whitepaper

Automated messaging allows universities to send out messages to the masses or a select few, enabling campus dining processes to be faster, more organized, and more efficient. If your campus is not using Mobile Ordering and automated text messaging, you’re missing the opportunity to engage more with your students and communicate with them in real-time. Learn more by requesting a demo

Guest blog contributor: 
Jonathan Manna, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Integrated Payments & Campus Commerce 


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